Tower of Fantasy's Voyager Engine: Where to Get It

Tower of Fantasy's Voyager Engine: Where to Get It ...

As you explore Tower of Fantasy, there are a lot of different vehicles that you may unlock. Some are motorcycles, others are unicorns, and some are flying cars. The Voyager Engine vehicle is a flying automobile that you may acquire in different regions. You will need the parts for it to work.

In Tower of Fantasy, how do I get the Voyager Engine?

The Voyager's engine is by far the most difficult to obtain. It's simple, but it requires many steps. The first step is to complete the secret Hyenas Base mission in the Banges region. Start off by discovering the oil rig off the coast west of the Signal Station that Ruins Spacerift.

When you enter the rig, you will see a Hyena Guard who will mention a friend who was kidnapped. Go to Banges dock and talk to Lozwall. This NPC can be found near the food vendor. Return to the oil rig and talk to the Hyena Guard. Your dialogue will be answered by the Hyena Guard.

Look around and you will find information about the Hyenas Carnival. This area is where you will find the Voyager Engine. Continue your journey to Raincaller Island, which is located in the northwest part of the Navia area. From there, head northwest to find another oil rig.

Talk to the Hyena Guard at the entrance of the oil rig, and give the following answers to his questions:

  • Im here for the Hyenas Carnival
  • Hyena Queen
  • This is the seventh Hyenas Carnival
  • The Heirs of Aida of course

Responding in this way will result in the Hyena Guard granting you entry to the festival. Once you are in, speak to the Hyena Member at the top of the rig that stands in front of the Supply Pod.

When you talk to him, he will tell you that he wants sizzling meat. If you have one on you, give it to him. If not, go to a cooking station and prepare some sizzling meat. Once he has obtained some meat, he will grant you access to the Voyager Engine.