RHOBH Husbands Slammed For A Gross Game

RHOBH Husbands Slammed For A Gross Game ...

Beverly Hills' TwoReal Housewives are back in the limelight.

The cast and crew of RHOBH hosted a charity dinner at Dorit Kemsley's house on August 10, 2022. The gala had a black and gold theme, so the ladies went into full glam mode with their best glittery outfits in that color scheme.

Mauricio Umansky and PK Kemsley, house wives, were filmed talking about which woman in the group was the best dressed.

They do look nice on the ladies, doesn't they? Kemsley said, prompting Umansky to reply, Dorits dress is lovely, while Erika [Jaynes] dress is short.

Who wins? Kemsley replied, "My wife, Kyle Richards."

Who wins if we had to remove the wives from who wins? Kemsley continued.

In reference to Kemsleys spouse, Umansky said, "Your wife, without missing a beat."

Kemsley then stated that both his wife and Umansky's wife must be out of the equation.

So, I have to choose someone other than my wife and your wife? Umansky replied.

Lisa Rinna, who wore a long-sleeved, sequinted gold outfit, was chosen by Umansky, while Kemsley, who wore a black minidress and self-described hooker shoes, was chosen.

Fans Reacted to the RHOBH Husbands' Gross Rankings

Crystal Kung Minkoff (@crystalkungminkoff) has shared a post.

Kemsley and Umanskys bromance has been a fixture on RHOBH. In the past, some viewers have said the pair gives off an overindulged frat bro energy.

Their latest game did little to help their reputation with some RHOBH viewers. Fans reacted to their game via social media, which elicited wives swap sentiments.

One Twitter user questioned whether PK and Mauricio ever married in a low-key manner, or murdered their wives.

Both PK and Mauricio acted like two dogs in a heat fantasizing which lady they would marry. And then came a Reddit post.

PK and Mauricio talking about which wife they'd choose is next-level gross. And the fact that Mauricio said Dorit is quite telling, innit? #RHOBH, another tweeted.

Another tweeted that Bruh PK and Mauricios' conversation about women is so degrading and degrading.

It's giving off swoony vibes. One another has agreed.

PK Kemsley Has an Awkward History with Erika Jayne & There Have Been Rumors About Mauricio Umansky & Dorit Kemsley's Relationship

PK: Who wins if we remove the wives?Mauricio: Your wife.I'm telling you, there's chemistry there #RHOBH pic.twitter.com/nUpCXjKR5

RealHousewivesRanked! (@RankedReal) August 11, 2022

Due to Kemsley's previous relationship with Erika Jayne, fans were particularly displeased by the conversation.

Back in season 7, PK Kemsley was under fire for refusing to look away and even retaliating for he? after the Pretty Mess singer admitted she was panty-less, according to BravoTV.com. The incident, which culminated with Dorit buying Erika some undies, was dubbed PantyGate.

Kemsley's choice of Erika was questioned by some viewers because of the past of Pantygate.

PK is still obsessed with Erika, according to one commenter following Kemsley's Housewives ranking.

Some commenters noted that previous rumors about his overly favorable relationship with Dorit are not dying.

Following the most recent RHOBH moment, fans delved in on an RHOBH moment in which Dorit kissed Umansky on his shoulder.

One fan wrote that Mauricio would not choose Dorit if there was no Kyle.

Mauricio deciding to go without skipping a beat is... suspicious, another agreed.

Others felt that Umansky's quick response to Dorit was merely an attempt to congratulate his friend.

One Redditor wrote that the game was gross in itself, particularly on camera. However, I think Mauricio was just trying to be complimentary when he chose Dorit.