Players who refuse XP in WoW Classic will not be penalised

Players who refuse XP in WoW Classic will not be penalised ...

Wrath of the Lich King Classic PvP players who refuse to earn experience in game vs player combat will no longer be placed in a separate pool of players.

The ability to earn experience from PvP was initially introduced to those who enjoyed it as part of their leveling up experience in WoW Classic. However, the team recognized that this change created difficulties for a particular set of players.

PvP communities have formed around certain level brackets in WoW PvP often because players enjoy the balance at a particular level, or because it reminds them of an experience they had when first playing the game.

Therefore, a mechanism was implemented to allow players to refuse the XP bonuses earned in PvP matches. However, this presented its own problem. Originally, it was decided that these two groups should not play in the same matches with each other, according to Pazorax, but as a result, neither group had enough players to find matches, thus defeating the purpose of both systems.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic will match up players of the same level, regardless of whether they have experience gains enabled or disabled. This might make life easier for those who are just interested in getting some experience playing casual battlegrounds, only to stumble upon veteran level-locked players who have developed their own strategies. However, Pazorax believes that playing a game with people of inferior ability is more enjoyable.

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