Season 4 of Netflix's Love, Death, and Robots has been confirmed

Season 4 of Netflix's Love, Death, and Robots has been confirmed ...

Love, Death, and Robots on Netflix are in luck because the streamer has officially renewed the animated series for season 4.

Tim Miller and David Fincher collaborated on the series, which combines different international animation studios to create each episode, which are standalone story arcs.

Each episode of the show investigates the concepts of love, death, or robots, or sometimes all of them together, using various genres such as comedy, horror, science fiction, and fantasy.

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Netflix announced this news by sharing a video on Instagram with the caption: "Love, Death, and Robots Volume IV is a GO."

Season 2 of the series was initially created in 2019 with 18 episodes, but due to the epidemic, the series was drastically reduced, with eight episodes set to air in 2021.

In May of this year, Netflix released the third season, but the release date for season 4 has not been set.

There is no telling what the episodes will be about unless there is a trailer. However, it is fairly clear that the series will continue to take inspiration from a number of short stories that focus on a range of adult themes, such as heavy violence, sexuality, and murderous vacuum cleaners.

The answer to who will play what remains a mystery. However, previous seasons have seen a number of famous personalities guest on to play various roles. For example, Birds of Prey actor Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Orange is the New Black's Samira Wiley, The Simpsons' Kevin Michael Richardson and Daredevil's Elodie Yung

In a shocking motion-capture episode, Creed and Black Panther star Michael B Jordan was able to land for season two.

Netflix is now streaming Love, Death, and Robots.