In all Pixar films from the 2010s, where can I find the Pixar ball Easter egg?

In all Pixar films from the 2010s, where can I find the Pixar ball Easter egg? ...

In Pixar's 1986 short Luxo Jr., which also featured the company's famous Luxo lamp, these little icons quickly became popular Easter eggs.

From 1995's Toy Story to 2009's Up, the Pixar Ball has appeared in almost every early Pixar film, but the treasure hunt doesn't stop there. The famous bouncy ball can be found in most films from the 2010s when the filmmakers decided to go creative with its appearance.

'Toy Story 3' (2010)

Pixar launched the new decade with a three-part Toy Story film, which premiered in June 2010, that included the Luxo ball in its original form, but also in another creative way.

The toy ball can be seen in Sunnyside Daycare's sandbox. Like the way it was shown in Up as one of Russell's Wilderness Explorer badges, the ball's likeness can be seen as one of the colorful tiles that line the outside of the facility.

'Brave' (2012)

The Luxo ball was not included in 2011's Cars 2, although the sequel did include a photo of Luxo Jr.'s Luxo lamp. The Easter egg hunt for the famous yellow ball didn't begin until 2012 with the release of Brave.

Not only can you see Sully carved onto a piece of wood, but the Pixar Ball serves as another wood carving among the Witch's work when Merida visits the Witch in her cottage.

'Monsters University' (2013)

Monsters, Inc., a long-awaited prequel to 2001's Monsters, was released in 2013 and was another example of the Luxo ball failing to show up on screen in real life.

When the monsters begin the Scare Games, the ball appears as graffiti on a wall among other illustrations of toys and big, red letters that read "Scare Games," while Claire Wheeler and Brock Pearson are introduced.

'Inside Out' (2015)

The Pixar Ball sprang through the televised Toy Story specials of 2013's Toy Story of TERROR! and 2014's Toy Story That Time Forgot, which eventually reached Pixar's next theatrical release, 2015's Inside Out.

The ball is spotted on the floor among little Riley's clutter of toys during a flashback of her and her cotton candy-scented imaginary pal Bing Bong playing tag.

'The Good Dinosaur' (2015)

Pixar released two films a year in 2015, the first being Inside Out in June, and the second being The Good Dinosaur in November. While The Good Dinosaur may not have been the studio's biggest hit, it did include all of the usual Easter eggs.

When Arlo and Spot are frolicking around after apparently getting high off fallen fruit, the two start hallucinating some strange things, including a Luxo ball flying overhead.

'Finding Dory' (2016)

The over ten-year-in-the-making sequel to Finding Nemo came out in 2016, and the film starring Ellen Degeneres included one of the hardest-to-find Pixar Ball Easter eggs.

When the ball was finally located in previous films, viewers went on a rollercoaster of emotions as it was finally discovered. Rather than being in its bouncy yellow form, the ball's likeness appeared on the truck's steering wheel, with a darker circle in the middle representing the blue stripe and a star in the center.

'Cars 3' (2017)

In 2017's Cars 3, the Pixar Ball made its debut with Lightning and Mater.

Bill is shown driving a Cadillac derby ball, with a ball on his hood, his wheels painted to look like the ball, and the number 86 on his side to commemorate the ball's debut in the short Luxo Jr.

'Coco' (2017)

Coco's arrival in theaters later in 2017 was riddled with Easter eggs and unexpected cameos from other Pixar characters.

The Luxo ball comes in the form of a Mexican wrestling mask with blue eyes and a red star on the forehead.

'Incredibles 2' (2018)

If you have seen The Incredibles - particularly its alternate opening and short Jack-Jack Attack - you'll know that the Pixar Ball was presumably passed down from Parr child to Parr child, culminating with Jack-Jack.

Come Incredibles 2, which premiered 14 years after the original, can now be seen a bit more hidden as part of the design for the youngest Parr's crib.

'Toy Story 4' (2019)

The Pixar Ball appeared somewhere unexpected, not only as the much-anticipated fourth film in the Toy Story saga.

The ball may be seen in an antique shop among other Pixar movie Easter eggs, as well as on some toy rockets on the wall of carnival prizes that Buzz discovers himself strapped to.