Emma Slater Apologizes to Brandon Armstrong and his New Wife

Emma Slater Apologizes to Brandon Armstrong and his New Wife ...

Following their wedding, Emma Slater apologized to Brandon Armstrong and his wife Brylee Ivers.

According to People magazine, Armstrong and Ivers wed on July 30, 2022 in Utah. Many Dancing With the Stars pros were there to witness the couple's stunning wedding celebrations.

Armstrong told People of the event, because so many people get married in Utah so young. Everything was wonderful!

Slater realized that the bride and groom's request for their special day was not followed.

What you need to know about this is this:

Slater was adamant that he would never wear neutral colors to the wedding.

Emma Slater's twitter handle is @theemmaslater.

Armstrong and Ivers requested that their guests wear neutral colors. When Slater showed up wearing an orange dress, she quickly realized that she was not appropriate.

I'm sorry I missed the part about neutral colors on the invitation lol! She captioned an Instagram photo of herself with the newlyweds and apologized on her Instagram Stories.

Slater then wrote out a three-line poem with a laugh emoji. @brandonarmstrong @bryleebug6, she replied. The caption was over a photo of the wedding invitation that read Attire Neutral Colors.

She continued to offer her gown to those who wanted to purchase it.

The dress by Naked Wardrobe was available at Nordstrom in a variety of sizes and priced from $43.20 to $72.20 depending on who preferred the outfit.

The majority of other DWTS professionals appeared to be in neutral colors.

Sean Spicer (@seanmspicer) has shared a post.

After the event, fans got a good look at everyone's outfit in snaps posted on social media.

Jenna Johnson, a DWTS professional who is expecting her first child, wore a short brown and tan dress with a pair of heels. Britt Stewart wore a silver dress with a classy slit, while Lindsay Arnold wore a pink and white floral ensemble that also may have pushed the envelope when it comes to neutrals.

Overall, however, everyone looked fantastic, and there were no qualms.

Ems, I love you! I'll send you everything you need to send to any event, according to Armstrong, after Slaters' Instagram apology.

Other followers also commented on the article, most letting Slater know that she looked fantastic, even if she technically violated the rules.

Orange is your color!! One person wrote that the dress was for you.

My opinion you're the finest dressed guest. Love the orange, but someone else has been added.

Emma, your outfit is STUNNING!! a third person echoed.