Raq's shocking secret is being exposed, according to Power: Raising Kanan stars

Raq's shocking secret is being exposed, according to Power: Raising Kanan stars ...

Raising Kanan spoilers follow in Power Book III.

Raising Kanan's season 1 finale left our protagonist shaking as he discovered that Detective Malcolm Howard was his father... just before Raq forced Kanan to shoot him.

He fought for his life, but that does mean that the pair will have to deal with a lot of things, especially if (read: when) the truth comes out.

Patina Miller, the actress who spoke exclusively to Digital Spy, said: "From a business standpoint, Raq is very secure. However, she also knows that her family's life isn't as secure, and that's where things are rocky." Raq, being the matriarch, is attempting to get everyone on the same page.

"She's upset because Kanan is gone for three months, and she's trying to figure him out. Malcolm isn't dead, so the secret is still there. For her, it's about managing it, right? Like she's thinking a mile a minute at all times of 'how can I sort of try to connect with Kanan to sort of get an idea of who he is?'

"She spends the first part of the season really trying to reach him. Because she wouldn't recognise him as she would, because of what he did, and how that's impacted him as a 16 year old."

"Everything Kanan has known his entire life is Raq, and what Raq has set up for him in this life," Kana actor Mekai Curtis said. "That's his family. That's Jukebox, that's uncle Marvin, that's Uncle Lou. That's this business she's created, so that's all he knows.

"And on top of that, Raq has also drilled him with 'this is XYZ, keep away from him,' which isn't exactly a blanket statement to a 15/16 year old youngster. So he begins to question his own thoughts, and the answers that he receives are still unclear to him.

"And the questions keep piling up until it all sort of topples down, and that's where we're with it." "It's just him just trying to figure things out, and it naturally will shake a lot of Kanan's foundational trust or foundational beliefs."

Raising Kanan's second season has yet to be released, but a third season has already been approved and is in production in New York this summer.

Raising Kanan returns on Starz in the United States and streaming on Starzplay in the United Kingdom in Power Book III.