Shannon Beador is a Bravo star after making a prank about her relationship

Shannon Beador is a Bravo star after making a prank about her relationship ...

Shannon Beador and her boyfriend John Janssen have been dating since 2019, officially going public that summer.

Beador confessed to Andy Cohen during the season 16 reunion of Real Housewives of Orange County.

We do talk about it, but it isn't something that we need to rush to do. Were all enthused. According to People magazine, I have two children that are going to be home for another year and a half, therefore I'm not doing anything right now.

There is one person who does not believe that Beador and Janssen's connection will last, whether they get married or now, and that is Jeff Lewis.

This is all you need to know about it:

Lewis Explains His Own Take on His Radio Show in Depth

Cohen asked Lewis if he thought the Beadors' connection would last long enough and Lewis said no. On his radio program, he took a minute to clarify his remarks, letting people know that it wasnt personal against Beador or Janssen.

By the way, I have to ask you about something because, you know, once in a while we say things that are maybe misinterpreted or misconstrued and last night when I was on Watch What Happens Live, something happened that was actually, well, it was a strange question to ask me in the first place and it was quite out of left field, he said, addressing his comments on SiriusXM's Jeff Lewis Live.

Shannon Beador and John Janssen just asked me, Do you think Shannon Beador and John Janssen are going to have a good time? I answered yes, but I have to tell you, they have a great friendship. It might be five years or five months, but I just don't think everyone will stick together long-term.

So now everyone is like, What do you know? I dont know anything. I just, if someone were to ask me, if you take all my friends and ask me about their relationships, would you see them together forever? Nine out of ten, Im gonna say no.

Lewis said Beador is irritated by what he said.

Shannon Storms Beador (@shannonbeador) has shared a tweet.

Beador sent Lewis so angry texts after he addressed what he said about her relationship on WWHL.

I thought they had a good connection, but im not sure what I'll say, I dont know. So I said no, and now she's really angry at me and she texted me a few texts and I just said, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'll take it as an example.

He continued by stating that Beador is so enraged at him and he doesnt know what to do, but he stands by his assessment of long-term relationships in general.

I do feel a bit bad though, because people will now approach her and ask, What's going on? Nothing's going on. I was just enquired. Are they going to be together till the end of time? No, he concluded.

On June 21, 2022, Beador and Janssen celebrated their three-year anniversary.

John Janssen and I had our first date today and I sang karaoke for the first time! It's not as yesterday, yet I can't imagine living without you! Beador captioned an Instagram post with the following words: Happy three years.