Who Is Gault in The Sandman? The Major Arcana Nightmare Explained

Who Is Gault in The Sandman? The Major Arcana Nightmare Explained ...

Neil Gaimans The Sandman comic books have finally received the adaptation they've been wanting. A large number of fantastical creatures inhabit the series. The Sandmans realm, called The Dreaming, is also the home of many of the series' magical creatures, one of which being the addition of a shape-shifting nightmare named Gault (Ann Ogbomo).

In Episode 7, "The Dolls House," Morpheus/Dream (Tom Sturridge) discovers that three of his most famous ideas, the Major Arcana, have gone rogue in his absence and are no longer with us in The Dreaming. The Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook), Fiddlers Green (Stephen Fry), and Gault have been taking Jed Walkers on adventures as a superhero in an attempt to distract him from his abusive foster home. When

Morpheus warns Gault that she will not be able to change to be anything other than what she was created to be. An announcement that only enrages Morpheus and inspires him to send Gault to the dark; realizing his mistake, Morpheus gives her wings and transforms her into a dream to inspire people.

Gault is a completely new character that was created for The Sandman's Netflix adaptation. Instead, she is a collection of two nightmares from the comics called Brute and Glob. They then transform him into a surrogate dream king of their dream dimension, hoping to eventually seize control of the entire Dreaming. In the comics, Morpheus discovers them during the story arc shown in Episodes 7-10 of the show; he then banishes them to the grave.

The Doll's House story arc was one instance in which The Sandman crossed over with other DC Universe comics called Infinity, Inc. Hector, Lyta, Brute, and Glob were all originally drawn from DC Comics, and each character was combined into Gault for completely different reasons.

As Gault references Jed's demonosity, Glob and Brute make Hector the Sandman a puppet ruler whom they can manipulate in their own quest for power. Hector's existence in the dream dimension also changes as Rose Walkers (Vanesu Samunyai) develops new abilities.

Gault has the lowest screen time among the three missing Arcana and is the only one who does not spend time as a human. Instead, she wants to be a dreamer in order to provide a service that isn't the one she is meant to provide. When Morpheus reminds her, Nightmares do have a potential benefit, but they do not exist to imbue Jed with them again when he sleeps.

Morpheus' attitude toward her also reflects the kind of character development he will need to undergo throughout the season, which he successfully accomplishes. This includes accepting that even he and the creatures of his own making have desires and dreams of their own. When he gives her wings and makes her a dream, he mentions, New dreams and new nightmares a new age.