The release date for the 'Marvel Studios Black Panther: Dreams of Wakanda' book has been set for next month

The release date for the 'Marvel Studios Black Panther: Dreams of Wakanda' book has been set for nex ...

The next Marvel Studios Black Panther: Dreams of Wakanda book will be released on September 6th. The book will cover various topics, from fashion to representation, from the story's creators, writers, and comic legends.

Ruth E. Carter's artwork is accompanied by stunning original art illustrations and a photoshoot of her Afrofuturistic artwork. Author Yona Harvey's commentary discusses the reception and impact of the film on the African diaspora and how it fits into the sonic portraits of Blackness as a whole.

Black Panther, the first Marvel film to feature an African character, is based on the same comics as TChalla (Chadwick Boseman), or Black Panther, who takes on the duties of King of Wakanda after his father's death. However, things take a turn as his cousin NJadaka (Micheal B. Jordan), or Killmonger, challenge TChalla for the crown with the intention to bring Wakanda's isolationist beliefs to a head,

Each character had grey areas of morality, and the visuals and designs of the characters were inspired by various African tribes and cultures. It also demonstrated that people of color have a place in the Marvel Universe.

Disney has scheduled a separate event to commemorate the release of Dreams of Wakandas. The company has partnered with Penguin Random House to donate books to First Book and Books for Africa. This is not a bad amount for a great cause! First Book is a worldwide nonprofit organization that works in underserved areas.

Penguin Random House is sending some of their published books to Books for Africa; the total amount will be around $100K - again, a decent gain for a great cause. Books for Africa was founded in order to alleviate the book famine in Africa, and its sole purpose is to collect, sort, and send books, computers, and other educational materials to Africa.

If you like Marvel and Black Panther, you may want to include Dreams of Wakanda on your to-read list. The book is currently available for preorder on Penguin's website and will be released on September 6.

Watch the video below to see Collider's deep dive into why Black Panther is such a revolutionary film.