Recap of the Better Call Saul Series Finale: Did Gene Finally Face Justice?

Recap of the Better Call Saul Series Finale: Did Gene Finally Face Justice? ...

After six glorious seasons, Better Call Saul has rested its case, and it made a strong closing statement.

Jimmy and Mike go through the sweltering desert heat and finally discover a water tank to drink from. Mike replies first to December 8th, 2001, presumably the day his son Matt was murdered. Then he switches his answer to March 17th, 1984, presumably the day he took his first bribe, which led to Matt's death. He asks him if he will change anything.

He flees on foot when Marion calls the cops with her Life Alert necklace, and hides in a Dumpster when he notices cops out front. He opens the shoebox and attempts to open his diamond stash, but ends up spilling them all over the floor of the dumpster. At the police station, he jokes hysterically and demands a second phone call.

Bill asks Gene to advise him on a lot of things, and he replies: With me on the top, like always! He answers: He's doing Bill a favor by hiring him. He's facing many charges, from drug trafficking to accessory to murder, all of which could be commuted to life in prison, including 190 years in prison. Hank's widow Marie describes how she helped him.

Gene denies his innocence and insists on asking for a pint of premium ice cream every day while he is inside, claiming that Howard had already told them all about him. Gene is stunned.

Around the time of Breaking Bads Granite State, Saul and Walter White reply, dismissing the question as scientifically impossible. Walt blames his friends for artfully influencing me into abandoning my own creation, and laments how rich he might have been if he hadn't stayed. Saul says he'd go back to when he was 22 and plunged into a department store and injured himself.

Gene asks Bill what will happen to Kim now, assuming the Department of Justice will not file charges, but she is facing civil litigation from Howards widow Cheryl, who is out lawyer shopping at the moment. Even though Bill warns him it might jeopardize Kim's civil case, Kim replies with a lot of interest.

Kim is present when Gene/Saul/Jimmy comes to his hearing, quietly stating, It's showtime. (Ladies Henry and Blanca are also there), and Gene answers questions about Walt's decision, claiming that he was prepared to participate in Walt's crimes. Hank and Gomez would neither be alive nor dead without him.

He looks behind him and locks his eyes on Kim before continuing: Howard Hamlin, I cant even. He starts his life over by blaming himself for failing to help him: "I made the decision." He adds sadness, and Gene replies, "I'll live with it." He asks Bill if he wants to be called Jimmy McGill again. The lawyers debate re-imposing the maximum penalty on him.

Jimmy (lets just call him Jimmy) rides a prison bus on his way to the one he dubbed the Alcatraz of the Rockies. He quickly responds by reciting his name.

Jimmy says with a smile as he bakes bread as his Cinnabon days go by. (His New Mexico bar card doesn't expire) She gets the guard to uncuff him, and she and Jimmy toast a cigar and lean against the wall together, as they did back in the good old HHM days. He has been condemned to 86 years in prison.

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