Saul Boss, aka Better Call, Dissects Gene's Ultimate Fate, Kim's Key Role in the Series Finale, and Grade It!

Saul Boss, aka Better Call, Dissects Gene's Ultimate Fate, Kim's Key Role in the Series Finale, and  ...

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Mondays Better Call Saul series finale.

Jimmy McGill ended up in jail for so many years, avoiding prison by any means.

Better Call Saul concluded its six-season run on Monday with a spectacular series finale that saw Jimmy/Saul/Gene reach an appropriate conclusion: he was sentenced to 86 years in federal prison for his role in Walter White's drug empire and all of his other misdeeds. (Read our entire recap here).) He could have given up completely hiding behind the scenes, but hearing Kim's confession triggered something inside him, and he changed his plea, taking full responsibility for his crimes, along with his

The whole narrative of the series has changed a lot while you were working on it, and it has evolved over time. So at what point did you decide to go that way with it? I think it was during Seasons 4 and 5, when we started thinking about what this series would end, and we started having this picture of Jimmy behind bars at the very end. Hes the one who discovers loopholes and who lies. And he thought it might be a good idea for him to be a suspect and ultimately a convic

Jimmy confesses everything with Kim in the courtroom, while he might have just gotten away with seven years in a secret federal jail?I think that's part of it. He wants her there. He likes to win in conversations. He likes to win in the court. He always wants to win. And I think he's breaking out of something that weve seen him do over and over again.

Jimmy, or Saul, is stuck in a cycle where he always seems to react in the same way. He has that phone call with Kim, that painful phone call while he's in the phone booth in Nebraska, and how does he respond to that? He goes on a crime spree. He tells a good portion of the truth, and certainly the part of the truth that will get him in the most trouble.

Jimmy and Kim do end up sharing that last cigarette at the prison, which was a great repitition to the fantastic scenes from the pilot where they were leaning against the wall together. I don't know if we achieved it, but the great movies keep driving the story in your head till the movie is finished. He seems to have recovered and is now serving his entire heavy sentence.

TVLINE | Well, we wont see! It's over!Yes, we wont see! It's up to us to imagine. Im so used to saying Well see! I keep doing it!

LINE | Michael McKean was fantastic to catch up on Jimmy's journey back in that time machine, because he was able to just be a low-profile Albuquerque lawyer and still provide for his brother with groceries? Yeah, when we first meet him in the pilot, he's doing exactly what he's doing: He's begging Chuck to pay off HHM for the groceries.

TVLINE | Yeah, and that tied back into the other two flashbacks where Jimmy didn't have any big plans for going back in time and change. Walter White says, "You were always like this." Yet, his regret is about something that happened to him in graduate school.

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