FAN QUESTION: Could Kirk, McCoy, and Spock defeat the Predator?

FAN QUESTION: Could Kirk, McCoy, and Spock defeat the Predator? ...

The latest installment of the Predator franchise has been discussed extensively in the last few weeks. It may have slipped under the radar of some that when Disney purchased 20th Century Fox a few years back, they also bought the rights to an alien who happens to be hunting on Earth.

This summer marks the beginning of a new Predator film series that began in 1987 as a part of a private military unit. It was a popular film enough to spawn a sequel in 1990, which included Danny Glover and Gary Busey. Since then, the alien character has appeared in two more sequels and crossover films, including the xenomorphs from the Alien films.


The new version of Predator is a prequel to the original and depicts the alien on a hunting expedition in North America over 300 years ago. Thanks to a tweet from 20th Century Studios (the renamed 20th Century Fox), the film is the biggest debut on Hulu to date. This time, instead of facing a battle-tested Schwartzenegger or Glover, this alien faces a Comanche, who only has a bow and a tomahawk.

The reviews have been positive, with the Tomatometer grading it at a 93% high. Fans of Star Trek may wonder what might happen if their favorite characters encountered a member of the Yautja race.

The Predators use a sort of cloaking device to stalk their prey. It killed everyone in Schwartzenegger's combat unit in the end, before being killed by trickery. The beast also sports advanced weapons, including a shoulder-mounted laser and a tiny nuclear warhead. In Prey, the creature used a pop-up shield, an anti-gravity unit, stainless-steel spears, and other items.

If Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner), Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and Dr. McCoy (DeForest Kelley) encounter a member of the Predator race, the rest of Trek fandom may ponder what might happen.

PeculiarPangolinManasked who would walk away from an encounter between the TOS trinity and a Predator? Reddit userMinnieMooMoocherlaid out a compelling argument as to why Kirk, Spock, and McCoy would ultimately prevail against the mysterious killer.

The Predator vs. Star Trek: The Next Generation

MinnieMoo notes that the hand-held phaser weapon is more powerful than anything in Predators' arsenal, except for the Predators' miniature nuclear weapon in his wrist armor.

MinnieMoo believes that Spock is half Vulcan, and Vulcans are five times more powerful than humans, making him a physical threat to the Predator. The Trek crew would defeat a Predator.

Another Trek supporter agreed with MinnieMoo. According to a Reddit userAurondarklord, the Enterprise crew will likely try not to kill the Predator.

Technically [this is] the first contact, and they do not want to start a conflict between the Federation and the Yautja, according to Aurondarklord.

In the classic episode, Arena, Aurondarklord and MinnieMoo are unfavorable with any of their points, but it should be noted that Kirk defeated a Gorn single-handedly. The Gorn was not agile or cloaked like the Predator, but it was incredibly strong.

This isn't the first time people have pitted Star Trek against the Predator. Many of the Trek characters have crossed over into other franchises, according to a 2017 article in Nerdist. Thanks to independent comic titles, fans may see Trek vs. Planet of the Apes, X-Men, Green Lantern, and even Dr. Who.

Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) would have faced the xenomorphs in a comic book series that IDW had canceled in 2017. Since the two species share the same universe, writerWitney Seibold speculated that the Next Gen crew might have faced the Predator next.