Southern Charm Star Reacts to Being Attacked on Social Media

Southern Charm Star Reacts to Being Attacked on Social Media ...

Austen Kroll is no stranger to social media bullying as fans have chastised him for his behavior on Southern Charm and Summer House in the past, but last month, he was chastised by another Bravo chef, Rachel Hargrove.

When she shared a Bravo story on the Southern Charm stars beer business, she tweeted, Cheers to the most narcissistic t*** on @BravoTV. She then went on to blast her fellow Bravolebrity, claiming that he was an idiot when she met him in Florida.

Kroll never publicly responded to Hargrove, although a recent podcast episode explains why he did not. On his Pillows and Beer podcast with Craig Conover, the two Bravo stars discussed social media threats and Kroll said sometimes it's just not worth it to respond, like if someone tries to come out and attack us on social media or something, he said, pointing out Hargrove's remarks.

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Kroll said in his social media arguments that he doesn't want to give oxygen to people.

Austen Kroll's tweet (@krollthewarriorking) is a response to a question.

Kroll said he would not engage with Conover if he didnt have to. I didnt respond because he had a lot of experience with not giving people oxygen on our program. I deal with that a lot on our program.

It was one of those situations where its like, let this thing die. Like I dont really care that much. Its not something that 100 other people havent said that don't know me. So I just let it go.

Conover offered his view on the situation, claiming that it's difficult to strike a balance between not engaging and putting the record straight. Kroll replied, saying, I was just saying, there isnt a right answer.

The Southern Charm OG continued, you either give them power by responding. But then I said to you last week, I was like, there is a world in which things are so grossly misrepresented that you should be able to be like, Look, this is what actually happened.

When Hargrove said Kroll was an idiot, but Olivia Flowers, his partner, came to his defense.

Austen Kroll's tweet is a response to @krollthewarriorking.

Hargrove set Kroll on fire in late July, posting screenshots that showed her meeting Kroll in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she resides. She said she hung out with Krolls brewing team but said, "Kroll" was just scuppering his entire life as an idiot.

Despite some criticism and now another Bravolebrity, Krolls co-star and partner Olivia Flowers had his back in a recent interview. I don't know if that comes across to many people, but I just think he is misunderstood. He's made some bonehead moves, but for the most part, I don't think he deserves the reaction he receives from people.

She said she thinks it's easy for people to make him the villain because of the impression that he's a partyer. It does make me sad because I don't see him the way other people do, and anyone who knows him does not believe the same things.