Tyranitar, a new discount shop, is now available in Pokemon UNITE

Tyranitar, a new discount shop, is now available in Pokemon UNITE ...

Tyranitar rampages into Pokemon UNITE as the next playable character today, alongside several additional pieces of content that continue the 1st Anniversary celebrations.

Tyranitar is the game's most intriguing All-Rounder scenario in some time, bringing furious power alongside moves that offer players unique ways to interact with their targets while they strive to defeat them.

Playing as a fully evolved Tyranitar feels just as satisfying as it should, but Dark Pulse and Stone Edge both feel devastating, especially when you use the latter consecutively.

Tyranitar is the first Pokemon in the game to cost 14,000 Aeos Coins, compared to 10,000 or 12,000 previously, making it harder to obtain for free-to-play only players who will have to grind harder to unlock it.

Ttar is still available for 575 Aeos Gems, something that has remained the same (likely to encourage the use of microtransactions, even if only a little).

A new Anniversary Bargain Shop is open for the remainder of August that offers steep discounts on Unite Licenses, Holowear, and Fashion items. Many premium Holowear sets are included, though you may only purchase a total of eight items from the shop, which means you will need to use the premium currency obtained through microtransactions.

This is also the last day of the 1st Anniversary content, which means we are waiting for official information on the three new Pokemon that will be added for the next segment that starts in September, which may already be leaking.