Weekly checklist for Tower of Fantasy What to do every week

Weekly checklist for Tower of Fantasy What to do every week ...

Tower of Fantasy is packed with daily and weekly activities to complete your list. These activities are some of the finest ways to boost your character. Weekly missions are a great resource of upgrade materials and items to progress your character. Some of these weekly missions are short and straightforward, but others can be obtuse and difficult to keep track of. This guide will explain what you should do every week in Tower of Fantasy.

The Weekly Checklist for Tower of Fantasy

The first step in maintaining your weekly checklist for Tower of Fantasy is to know your deadline. Tower of Fantasy resets every Monday morning at 5:10 AM ET. Any weekly activities you havent completed will reset at this time.

Weekly Missions should be your first order of business each week. Weekly Activity points will be earned for this weekly list of missions, which includes 900 Weekly Activity points, which will help you earn points.

Void Rifts are a challenging co-op quest that can be completed three times a week for fantastic rewards. Once you have reached level 35, they will unlock. Bring your finest builds and give them a try each week.

The Bygone Phantasm is a solo challenge tower where youll be faced with strewn floors of deadly enemies. Each week, the top 100 scores on the leaderboards will grant you a large supply of rare upgrade materials.

PVP is an excellent source of gear, Matrice upgrades, and ranking points. At the conclusion of a season, your position on the competitive ladder will grant you significant rewards based on your server ranking.

In many ways, keeping track of these weekly activities will lessen the weekly grind. Between story missions, keep a weekly checklist to ensure your Tower of Fantasy adventure goes smoothly.