T1 CEO Joe Marsh admits to being involved in a disorganized and disgruntled Discord server and offers his apologies

T1 CEO Joe Marsh admits to being involved in a disorganized and disgruntled Discord server and offer ...

Joe Marsh, the chief executive of T1 Motorsport, has admitted to involvement in an unofficial Discord server in which he communicated with T1 fans in an unofficial capacity. Marshs activities on the server included the public release of organizational information and inappropriate messages directed towards players, among other unprofessional activities.

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Marsh said in a Twitlonger post that several T1 employees were involved in the Discord server that has been causing controversy. I acknowledge and would like to express my gratitude for my actions.

Marshs Twitlonger, the T1 CEO apologized for a number of actions, including the sharing of internal sensitive information with members of the Discord server, which was not affiliated with T1 in a professional manner. This particular apology likely refers to Marsh's statements on the private Discord server regarding T1s contract discussions around the organization League of Legends top laner Zeus.

Anonymous sources revealed the existence of a private fan T1 Discord on August 12thThe screenshots from this private server showed members of the T1 organization being active on the server/sharing exclusive "leak" contents, causing confusion for the larger T1 community (2/6) pic.twitter.com/tUscR0cgPQ

According to a screenshot of Marshs' remarks, four of the five [T1 starters] will be signed until 2023, according to the League global contract database. Faker, a T1s long-time mid-laner, is the only player who is scheduled to become a free agent at the end of the 2022 season.

Marsh apologized for making jokes about spraying oil on Oner, a T1 League of Legends player, in order to make a potential body profile photoshoot a thirst trap.

According to his Twitlonger, the CEO of T1 has described his remarks as an unnecessary dissonance from Oner, and has apologized directly to the player.

Marsh's third specific apologies in his posts was for his lack of knowledge and action regarding racist remarks made on the Discord server in question directed towards T1's Korean fanbase. Marsh claimed to know nothing about the remarks at the time.

Marsh admitted that he did not know what was going on because he was unable to identify any racist remarks. It was also foolish for me to remain on the server. T1 does not tolerate any form of racism and will fight together against it, particularly against T1 fans.

Following an internal discussion with the company, Marsh has forced himself to pay a six-month salary cut, and has pledged not to reveal any personal details about the team on any channels.

The T1s League team is five days from playing their first playoff match of the 2022 LCK Summer Split. The match will take place on August 21 against an opponent that has yet to be determined.