Fnatic has been confirmed for The International in 2022 by Valve, but confuses the Dota community with Outsiders' ruling

Fnatic has been confirmed for The International in 2022 by Valve, but confuses the Dota community wi ...

The more we get into a competitive Dota 2 season, the less helpful communication from Valve is for fans, players, and organizations.

Valve has apparently thrown a new rule into the Dota Pro Circuit, which is affecting which teams will receive a direct invitation to the event, following another dreaded set of ticket sales for The International 2022.

Fnatic was indeed selected for TI11, not the Virtus.pro roster that was playing under the Outsiders tag late last night, leading to widespread discussion within the competitive community.

When compared to unofficial sources, we are aware of a discrepancy in the DPC standings. The DPC website https://t.co/lqfXMpOBmD represents the official standings for the 2021-2022 season.

Outsiders qualified for the final TI11 direct invitebeating out Fnatic by just.05 points at 1020.05 total, according to multiple sources.

Until today, at least, that was apparent.

1. 120 + 78 = 198.2. 198 * 15% = 29,7.198 30 = 168.3. 168 + 20 = 188.4. 188 * 15% = 28,2.188 28 = 160.5. 160 + 500 + 360 = 1020.What led to the end being less?

Fnatic is the team that nabbed that last spot now that some Outsiders point penalties for removing players mid-season, along with every other penalty step, have been rounded rather than applied directly at their initial value. This leaves Fnatic at the static 1020 DPC points earned, while Outsiders is officially at 1019 DPC points.

On the official DPC rule page, there is no mention of rounding penalties or points of any kind, implying that, up until today, everyone was relying on set percentage deductions to calculate placements, and Valve just decided to impose this on everyone and make it official, with no actual statement.

This is a horrifying situation. Rounding up at each penalty step is not included in the published guidelines, and there is no evidence to suggest it would work in this way. Valve freestyling in a nonsensical manner. https://t.co/a3OkJGwzeZ pic.twitter.com/f7rc7lKC7e

This isnt the first time that discussion around the DPC website has surfaced, although Soniqs and other teams like Royal Never Give Up were not up to date with appropriate DPC points. Valve did update Sonqs' listing after announcing Fnatic qualified.

Valve have updated the Soniqs point value to what it should be. These must now be the very-official points. https://t.co/z3JP2vyc37 pic.twitter.com/RIpH9eUUey

When Valves defend their position, they are not only openly discrediting one of the best kept competitive information sources for Dota and other games as unofficial sources.

Outsiders instead of Fnatic was listed as claiming an invitation, causing some to believe communication is being handled poorly internally.

Fnatic will be invited to TI11 via a direct invite, unless something changes, thus Outsiders will have to participate in Eastern Europe regional qualifiers for a chance at qualifying or reaching the Last Chance Qualifier.

Regional Qualifiers will be held from September 3 to 18 in Singapore, with the main TI11 event scheduled for October 8 to 12.

Unabhangig of how this situation ends, Valve has left a trail of negative marks, both for destroying Liquipedia, a source it has used for its own benefit many times in the past, and for being so inadvertent with its own standings maintenance to the point almost every fan turns to outside sourcing for accuracy.