Summer crossover of Marvel Comics features a lot of anime: teaming up to face god

Summer crossover of Marvel Comics features a lot of anime: teaming up to face god ...

If there are any real superhero comics newbies in the world these days, it's a major summer crossover event that's actually feels like an adventure of coordinated parts rather than a sensory overload. And with AXE: Judgment Day, I'm officially looking to get a new issue.

The A, X, and E in the title spelled out a battle between the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Eternals, and AXE: Judgment Day #1 kicked off the triple punch of kaiju-sized Eternals attacking Krakoa, the full power of the Uni-Mind psychically flattening mutant leadership, and Thanos granddad (presumably) decimating the mutant population on Mars single-handedly.

If AXE: Judgment Day #2 has anything to say about it, the superheroes may have something bigger to worry about: teaming up to defeat god. God is normally fairly vulnerable to a team of very good teenage friends, so the X-Men should be fine, at least.

What else is happening in our favorite comics? Well tell you. This week's Monday Funnies, Polygons list includes a lot of superhero stories, part reading recommendations, and part look at some cool art. There may be some spoilers. There may not be enough context. (And if you missed the last issue, read this.)

AXE: Judgment Day #2

When the Avengers and the Eternals achieve a new Celestial, the only thing that can guide the other Eternals to stop trying to kill all mutants is the monkeys' paw. The thumb.

It orders all the Eternals to put their heads down. But it also initiates to do the thing Celestials are famous for: judging. Humans, Eternals, and mutants alike must prove themselves more just than wicked within 24 hours.

The sequence that begins with the heroes fighting but quickly turns into a team-up is as old as time. But writer Kieron Gillen is keeping the stakes clear and present, and artist Valerio Schiti is delivering on the enormous visuals.

X-Men Red #5

X-Men Red is becoming a comic book. What mic-drop moment did Magneto have this month?

After a mid-issue death fake-out, it turns out that a mutant made of bugs managed to keep a few of his pals alive even after Magneto's heart was torn from his chest, and Magneto versus genocide is always a sight to see.

Poison Ivy #3

G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takaras Poison Ivy have been renewed for another six issues, because I think this is a great comic that combines Hannibal and Annihilation. And it also has the above panel, which will serve as a great blog background for several people I know.

Defenders: Beyond #1

The most impressive comic book of 2021 was probably Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez' Defenders, and it's nice to see the team return for a sequel, especially with Ewing staying mute, making it a reunion for the cast of his notorious Ultimates series.

The New Champion of Shazam #1

Mary Bromfields (formerly Mary Marvel) is a well-known artist who has a wonderful talking rabbit.

Predator #1

The new Predator series from Marvel is a mix of... Prey but in space? A teen girl and a spaceship AI friend look around the galaxy for the three-mandibled Predator that killed her parents, and she struggles not to become the very terror she hunts to the aliens she meets.

Sword of Azrael #1

Ive always had a soft spot for Jean-Paul Valley and his vigilante alter ego, Azrael, as part of a 90s kid who is a Batman fanatic. Which is another way to say Ive been waiting three decades for someone to come along and make him more than Catholic Moon Knight. Both writers have piqued my interest in their first issue, which revealed what Tumblr might refer to as biblically accurate angel Azrael.

Amazing Spider-Man #6

At the moment, I am unable to arouse much interest in the core Spider-Man books, but I am not immune to drawing Doctor Octopus arms like a scared dog that wants Spider-Man to rescue its captors. This is so silly and wonderful.

Do a Powerbomb #2

Daniel Warren Johnsons Do a Powerbomb, a comic book about professional wrestlers who are challenged to revive a loved one, was revealed in the second issue that the masked wrestler who accidentally killed the heros mother is...HER EQUALLY TRAUMATIZED DAD. The drama.