Joe Keery has a few thoughts on weird things fans are still obsessing over his hair

Joe Keery has a few thoughts on weird things fans are still obsessing over his hair ...

Steve Harrington's greatest strength in Stranger Things is being a father to Hawkins' children whenever they're left in his care. Another thing fans just can't get over is Stranger Things actor Joe Keerys flawless hair. The 30-year-old actor has some thoughts on fans' obsession with this aspect of himself.

Steve Harrington is one of the most popular boys at Hawkins High School, and with Stranger Things coming to life in the 1980s, it's only natural for him to have a wild mane for everyone to fall in love with. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Joe Keery admitted that he's no longer interested in his hair.

It's just internet fodder that's been passed over and is now attached to me. I've to be like, Who cares about it? It's not something I'm interested in at all. Yet, people seem to care about it and obsess about it for whatever reason.

Joe Keery's groovy mane (in an 80s sense) is a real trademark of the well-known actor. Even in Stranger Things, one of Steve's best scenes was when he revealed to Dustin the secrets to grooming his hair with that Farrah Fawcett hair spray of his. His hair techniques may not have worked for Dustin in slaying the ladies at the Snow Ball, but they helped him win a dance with Nancy Wheeler.

Joe Keery has taken up half a paragraph when asked about his beautiful locks in dozens of interviews. It's no wonder that he felt the need to wear hats around Manhattan to protect his identity. It's no wonder that his hair just seems to give him away every time! Like Emma Watson cut her long hair after Harry Potter, or when Tom Holland shaved his hair for a film, you know well all still talk about it.

Joe Keery and his beautiful hair will be made a top-notch appearance in Stranger Things Season 4, according to a fan theory. He has also stated that he intends to pursue directing projects and experiment with cooking recipes alongside Stanley Tucci.

We know hell are continuing to work on enhancing Joe Keery's career. He'll only be around until Season 5 of Stranger Things, as he's expected to appear in the upcoming film Marmalade. But if you cant get enough of Steve and his hair, you have plenty of time to watch Stranger Things.