Partnership, promotion, league format, and more are covered in VCT 2023

Partnership, promotion, league format, and more are covered in VCT 2023 ...

Riot Games has released a five-year plan for the VALORANTs competitive scene, including what 2023 will be like for the teams who do not make it into the partnership program. Now, fans know what the VCT ecosystem will look like in the next five years.

For teams that do not have partnership status in 2023, there is a completely revamped pro-development pathway. Next year, players who want to go to the top tier of competitive VALORANT will have to go a lot further and for a lot longer before they can reach the top.

Those who wish to participate in the international tournaments will have a solid path to do so starting in 2023. The VALORANT Champions Tour will continue in 2023 with regional Challengers events, which are the tournament for up-and-coming talent who want to compete in the international tournaments.

Players in other countries will be able to play in Challengers in 2023, which will continue to serve as the start of the competitive pathway for competitive VALORANT. In 2023, there will be larger tournaments, new tournaments, and a more structured competitive environment for the game.

New and expanded Challengers leagues

Challengers, which is currently the entry point for VCT in 2022, will continue to be the starting point for global tournaments for organized teams going forward. Leagues will begin with an open qualifier like it has ever been and will ladder the best teams into two splits of multi-week regular season play.

Each Challengers split will have a playoff tournament where one team will be crowned the winner. The biggest Challengers leagues will have dedicated broadcast windows that will not interfere with international leagues matches.

Twenty-one Challengers leagues will be held across the globe, four in the Americas, seven in the EMEA, and ten in the APAC. The leagues are listed below.

  • NA
  • LATAM North
  • Brazil
  • LATAM South
  • Northern Europe
  • Southern Europe (Spain, Italy, and Portugal)
  • France and Benelux
  • Dach (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland)
  • Turkey
  • Eastern Europe
  • MENA
  • South Asia (Includes India)
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia and Singapore
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Oceania

A new league Challengers Ascension

Challengers Ascension is a new form of competition that includes three Ascension leagues: EMEA, Americas, and Pacific. This tournament concludes the Challengers leagues and will see the best teams in each of the Challenger leagues compete in the Ascension league.

One team from each of the three regions will compete for a place in the next years international league. This means that the winners of the 2023 Challenger Ascension tournament in their region will advance to the international league in 2024.

In 2023, ten teams per international league will compete in global tournaments, while Challengers and Ascension leagues fight their way to the one spot in the 2024 international roster of teams. Each region will allow for one additional team to enter the international league, which means that in 2024, there will be 11 teams per international league.

Promoting Challengers means more teams competing in the top level of VALORANT esports.

The ten partner organizations in each region will not lose their place in the international league, but instead, the leagues will only develop based on Riots' five-year strategy. Because the promotion calendar takes league expansion quite slowly, this won't impact much on teams competing in 2023.

Challengers and Ascension teams will not compete in the international league in 2023. They will be competing for a spot in the international league in 2024. Teams that win that spot will earn two years in the international league before they are forced to return to the Challengers circuit when the second year ends.

Although there will no longer be any additional teams in the 2023 VCT season, it does mean the stakes are high for the first teams to try their hand at the new VALORANT path-to-pro. Teams will have to endure a lot of matches before they can claim a victory in the international league.

The international league for 2023 will have ten teams each.

In the 2023 international season, there will be ten teams from each of the three regions competing to be the best squad in the world. These leagues will be similar to the Masters and Champions events that fans are used to, but instead of open qualifiers culminating in these events, there will be the ten partnered teams.

The teams who will compete in the 2023 international league haven't been announced yet, although sources say Riot has completed its final interviews and that it received over 150 proposals from teams wanting to compete in the inaugural season of the league.

According to reports, the international league will begin in mid-February 2023 and finish in September. Teams will also receive some sort of incentive for being a partnered team. The dollar amount will vary depending on a number of content deliverables.

As soon as the Champions tournament, additional information on the 2023 season and the Game Changers tournaments will be available, most likely in September.