Every year, Riot intends to increase the number of teams in VALORANT partnership leagues

Every year, Riot intends to increase the number of teams in VALORANT partnership leagues ...

Riot Games, the organizer and game developer of the exclusive VALORANT partnership leagues, has announced that new players from the new Ascension circuit will be added until 2028.

The number of teams in the three leagues will increase every year, with the first new teams being added in 2024. Each league will receive one new participant until 2027. Teams have a chance to qualify for the partnership league through the new Ascension tournaments, which will also be hosted by Riot.

As previously reported by Dot Esports and confirmed by Riots' announcement, the three partnership leagues, which will be established in the EMEA, Americas, and APAC regions, will feature ten teams in each league, totaling 30 teams in 2023.

By 2028, there will be 42 teams in the partnership leagues, with 30 teams directly partnering with Riot this year and another 12 qualifying through Ascension. This is the highest number of teams in the international leagues.

By winning the Ascension tournaments, teams may qualify for their respective partnership league. There will be 21 Challengers leagues across the world, divided by region.

The best teams from the Challengers leagues will qualify for their respective regional Ascension tournament, following the winner of the Ascension tournament.

The three best teams from each region will be able to directly qualify for the international leagues. These teams will earn a two-year promotion with similar benefits as the partnered teams, but will then return to Challengers.

According to Dot Esports, the partnership leagues will begin in mid-February 2023 and will include ten teams in each region.