What can I expect to do in VCT next year? Here's how to apply to the VCT Challengers

What can I expect to do in VCT next year? Here's how to apply to the VCT Challengers ...

Every VALORANT player who queues up a ranked competitive match thinks about going pro and playing the game in front of a packed room just a bit. And as VALORANT and the VCT ecosystem continues to grow and change, new opportunities begin to emerge.

Through regional Challengers leagues, players and teams will be able to reach the top-tier international leagues starting in 2023.

Here's how you might be able to participate in VCT next year.

How to qualify for VCT Challengers

Riot will begin running regional Challengers leagues across the world in 2023. There will be a total of 21 circuits, including ones for North America, Brazil, all the EMEA regional league locations from 2022, Korea, Japan, and several others. Like the Challengers events for 2022, the 2023 Challengers leagues for each region will start with open qualifiers.

Riot will likely seek out other tournament organizers around the world to run the qualifiers, each with their own website or platform to handle signups and build the bracket. In regions like EMEA and Korea, official VCT sites were used for signups during 2022, while in North America the organizers used both Nerd Street Gamers and Battlefy to handle signups.

The majority of Challengers events will have their own rules, but for the most part, youll have to register as a whole team of five during the registration period. You'll likely also need to be of a certain rank to sign up.

To be invited to the Ascension tournament, which will feature the single best Challengers teams from the Americas, EMEA, and Asia, the winner of each of the three regional Ascension tournaments will earn a two-year promotion to the international VCT league.

Although this avenue for Challengers qualification isn't yet available, the Riot Games' team is very keen on it. The VALORANT team has been working on an in-game tournament/competition system that is intended to go beyond ranked, and it might be used to determine new Challengers teams as early as 2024.

In a way, it works as relegation for the poorly performing Challengers teams, who will have to fight off new, unknown online stars in order to keep their place.

Riot has promised further information on this system before the end of 2023.