In Fortnite, what are the differences between boards?

In Fortnite, what are the differences between boards? ...

As of August 16, Fortnite will now have a new Dragon Ball event, increasing the game's legendary crossover history to over 9,000 players.

Players may view the new Dragon Ball Power Unleashed event page from the Fortnite in-game menu for the remainder of August. Players can also see the Dragon Ball Power Unleashed rewards they can earn by increasing their Power Level.

Both sets of rewards are earned by completing various Dragon Ball quests you can find on the Quests tab, with new ones emerging throughout the two-week event. Some of the quests require you to win Versus Battles, and to do those, you'll need to understand the Versus Boards.

In Fortnite, what are Versus Boards, and how do they work?

Versus Boards have taken the place of Bounty Boards, and they are where you may initiate Versus Battles. If you visit a Versus Board and interact with it, you and a competitor will be pitted against each other.

In Versus Battles, opposing players will have only five minutes to defeat their opponent and claim victory. At the start of the battle, the two players will be revealed on the map.

Players may join Versus Battles and win Versus Battles to complete quests and earn Power Level in the first set of Dragon Ball quests.