The Cast of DWTS Mourns an Incredibly Heartbreaking Loss

The Cast of DWTS Mourns an Incredibly Heartbreaking Loss ...

Denise Dowse, a dear friend of Dancing With the Stars, died on August 13 at the age of 64 after a brief battle with severe meningitis, which eventually put her in a coma on August 5, from which she never recovered.

Here's what they're implying:

Denise Dowse was a recurring star of Insecure & Beverly Hills, 90210.

Denise Dowse's tweet was shared by her (@denisedowse)

Dowse is well-known for playing assistant principal Mrs. Teasley on Beverly Hills, 90210, Judge Damsen on The Guardian, and Dr. Rhonda Pine on Insecure.

Tracey Dowse, the actress' sister, posted on Instagram on August 5 that she had contracted meningitis and was in a coma.

Tracey wrote: "It's okay," said the author.

She is currently in the hospital in a coma caused by a dangerous form of meningitis. Her doctors do not know when she will recover from the coma, which was not medically induced.

She is a dynamic actor and director who should have many years ahead of her. Your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Tracey posted on August 13 that her sister had died.

Ich will take this opportunity to thank our friends and families for all of their support and prayers. I inform everyone that my sister, Denise Dowse, has gone to meet our family in eternal life.

Denise Yvonne Dowse was my greatest sister, a consummate, prolific actress, mentor, and director. She was my very best pal and final family member. I know that she is constantly looking out for us with all the love she has.

I am indebted for your privacy and continued prayers. I will update you here at a later date. My sister is inundated with calls, texts, direct messages, and quiet prayers. We would not have survived this tragedy so gracefully and painlessly without all of the prayer warriors around the globe.

Thank you for so generously donating.

Many actors who had worked with Dowse over the years have given their tributes, including several alumni of Dancing With the Stars.

Ian Ziering has described the loss as being insanely heartbreaking.

Ian Ziering (@ianziering) has shared a post.

Ian Ziering, a Dancing With the Stars season four alum, wrote a lengthy tribute on his Instagram as well as the post announcing her death.

Ziering wrote:

This is so heartbreaking. Throughout my years working on Beverly Hills 90210, my interactions with Denise will always be remembered with the utmost respect for her talent and affection for the loving nature she was. Some of my heartiest off-camera laughter was between her and I hammering out the discipline her Mrs. Teasley would impose on me. My sincere condolences to her family and all those who she loved.

Steve Sanders was always a thorn in Mrs. Teasleys' side, so Dowse and Ziering shared many scenes over the years.

Jennie Garth, a fellow Beverly Hills, 90210 star, and Dancing With the Stars alum, wrote, "Sending love to you on Traceys' Instagram page."

Brian Austin Green, a fellow Beverly Hills, 90210 star, and Dancing With the Stars alum, wrote, Thank you Tracey, for writing this. Condolences to you and your entire family. Denise was wonderful. She was so smart, funny, and funny. Her eyes sparkled with pride. Her hugs were the finest. Grateful for the time she spent with me in my life!

Traceys Instagram post on the Denises page shared many other well-known personalities.

Issa Rae, the co-star of Dowses Insecure, left a comment that says, "I send you much love." Ms. Denise will be greatly missed, and her impact will be felt for generations. I am forever grateful for her guidance.

Tracee Ellis Ross, an actress, wrote, ohhhhh how I loved you. And oh how you were so loved! Thank you for everything you shared with me, from Girlfriends to blackish!

Denise was amazing, talented, and dedicated person! Im praying for her spirit and your strength during this difficult time! Written by Kym Whitley.

In the summer of 2022, the Beverly Hills, 90210 family will suffer the second major loss. Jessica Klein, one of the original writers/producers, died after a battle with cancer.

She remembered Klein as a lovely, beautiful human being on Garth's 9021OMG podcast.

On Disney Plus, Dancing With the Stars will return for its 31st season on Monday, September 19.