Kelly Dodds Husband Rick Leventhal Shows Off New Nose LOOK: Kelly Dodds

Kelly Dodds Husband Rick Leventhal Shows Off New Nose LOOK: Kelly Dodds ...

Kelly Dodd posted a new photo of her husband, Rick Leventhal, who looked a bit different.

According to People, a former Fox News correspondent married the Real Housewives of Orange County a year after meeting him through Ramona Singer at a party in the Hamptons in October 2020. Leventhal, 62, has been Dodd's partner in crime and best friend. She was by his side when he made a significant tweak to his face.

Hier's all you need to know about this:

Rick Leventhal Succeeded at a Nose Job and Kelly Dodd Documented It

Dodd teased her husband's plastic surgery in a post on Instagram on August 16, 2022. From the pre-op to the big reveal! she wrote, before thanking @cosmeticare_ for taking care of her husband.

The former RHOC star posted a 15-minute video on The Rick and Kelly Show's YouTube page detailing the process.

Im so glad I waited so Dr. Michael Niccole of CosmetiCare could perform the surgery! From the pre-op consultation through the removal of the splint ten days after the procedure, Leventhal has been revealed on his YouTube page.

After his surgeon promised him to reduce the hump down and de-fat and slim down the nose, Leventhal expressed worry that his nose would be too small. The doctor promised him that he would not take too much off.

While driving to his surgery, Leventhal admitted that he was a bit nervous about the whole process. He joked that Dodd told him he had to get his nose done or she would leave him, but she did not say this!

In the video, he stated that my nose is definitely something that might benefit from a little trimming down.

As you get older, your nose and your ears continue to grow, and you've seen my dad and my uncle, you'll notice that your nose and your ears continue to grow.

Other video shows Leventhal going to the operating room after an operation with bandages on his nose, as well as the final reveal as Dr. Niccole removed the bands.

As he took off the dressing, the doctor said, no more hook. You have an Italian nose now!

Fans Reacted to Rick Leventhals New Nose

Rick Leventhal (@rickleventhal) has shared a comment on a recent post.

Fans on social media expressed their opinions about Leventhals new nose. While some wondered why he had waited so long to get a haircut, others congratulated him for finally remediating something about his appearance that was causing him problems.

Men want to feel and look good too! Wishing you a quick and successful recovery. One fan wrote on Instagram.

Rick, I'm so glad you've done something for yourself that makes you happy, another person wrote in a YouTube comment. You deserve to be happy, too. Also, a celebrity being open and transparent about plastic surgery? It's rare these days!

Dodd is a long-time patient of Dr. Niccole. According to the Longview News-Journal, Dr. Niccole was a recent guest on the Dodd and Leventhals YouTube series.

Dodd said to the doctor. This face, this body, all thanks to you and your staff. Ive always believed that if something bothers you so much that you cant stand it, fix it. It's a genuine investment in yourself.