A rare photo of sweaty Kieffer Delp has surfaced

A rare photo of sweaty Kieffer Delp has surfaced ...

A fan spotted former Teen Mom 2 star Kieffer Delp, Jenelle Evans' ex-boyfriend.

The ex-boyfriend of their ex-boyfriend saw Delp waiting for public transportation on Reddit. He offered to pay $10 for the photo, but he refused to. He flashed a smile and raised a peace sign. He had beads of sweat on his forehead.

Users on social media have flooded the comment section.

One person claimed that he was older than the majority of the cast.

Read a top comment with more than 240 upvotes from a guy living under a bridge who still looks better than David.

Delp aided Evans, according to others.

Someone mentioned recently in this thread that jenelle is one of the most well-known teen moms, but they only believe it because of this guy. I would even say Keiffer and Barb are more popular than Jenelle. She just happened to know these people.

Delp appeared on Teen Mom 2 during the earlier seasons of the program. Evans married David Eason in 2017 and dated on and off for years.

Evans said that when she was with Delp, she had the first time tried heroin.

Evans claimed Delp injected her with the medication for a month before she left him and tried to sober up. Thats the first time in my life Ive ever tried (heroin), according to Today.

Delp Is Responsible for Memorable Teen Mom Quotes

Delp is best known for his catchphrases such as, Bein a felon aint illegal and telling Evans, "Well, the past is history, the future is a mystery, and the present is a gift."

Barbara Evans' mother, Evans, has a number of signature quotes from him. I hope you have a great time livin in the street with your boyfriend! she said in Season 2.

Barbara Evans giving us a few more gems from Season 2, thanks to Kieffer's comments.

Jenelle, I see ya with Kieffa! Ya done! Go live with ya scummy boyfriend! and I told you, Kieffa isn't for you!

Where Is Kieffer Today?

Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) has shared a post.

Delp, 32, was detained by officers from the Ohio Township Police Department in Pennsylvania in June 2022.

According to In Touch Weekly's report, police charged him with first-degree misdemeanor retail theft and criminal conspiracy. The conspiracy charge was eventually dismissed, according to court records.

Heavy called the Ohio Township Police Department to see if Delp had entered a plea, if a court date was scheduled, and if Delp had retained a lawyer. The organization did not immediately respond to Heavy's inquiry.

After police discovered a meth lab in his McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, basement apartment, Delp pled guilty to operating a meth lab, possession with intent to deliver, and risking a catastrophe.

Rick Deliman, the McKees Rocks Police Chief, told the Tribune-Review, a local paper, that there was a meth lab at that location. We conducted an investigation and determined that there was a residence there, and subsequently executed a search warrant on that property.

According to The Ashleys Reality Roundup, Delp spent 18 months in jail before being released in February 2020. Delp was arrested again in October 2020 after he ceased reporting for parole and spent another five months in prison.