New Vegas console commands and cheats for Fallout

New Vegas console commands and cheats for Fallout ...

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are both powered by the Gamebryo engine, which translates to a lot of common ground. One of these common elements is console commands, which you can see in the following.

These are the commands you need if you want to make quick changes to your Fallout game, or to gasp a cheat. We dont blame you for trying to make things easier for yourself.Weve also included Fallout 4 console commands for your enjoyment.

New Vegas console commands and cheats for how to use Fallout

Youll need to launch Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas' developer console. To do this, tap the tilde key (), which can be found under the ESC key on American English keyboards. If you have a UK English keyboard, then youll need the grave key ().

Pressing the console key will pause the game, remove the HUD, and display a text prompt (|) in the lower left corner of the screen. If a command is entered, simply type it in and press enter.

New Vegas console commands and cheats list for Fallout: New Vegas

All Pip-Boy Markers tmm 1 Activates all Pip-Boy markers on the map, making them visible and quick-travel locations.

Toggle Fog of War on the Pip-Boy map. Toggles on/off fog of war.

God Mode tgm Toggles on/off god mode, which makes the player invincible to all damage, provides unlimited ammo, carrying capacity, and AP. Items do not degrade.

Demi-God Mode (New Vegas only) tdm Toggles on/off demi-god mode, which makes the player invincible to all damage, but does not provide unlimited ammunition or any other benefits.

Kill All NPCs killall Kills all NPCs and creatures in the area.

Teleport coc Teleports the player to a specific cell location.

tfc: Free Camera Toggle on/off the free camera, allowing you to move the camera wherever you desire. Use tfc 1 to stop the game.

Free Camera Movement Speed sucsm #> Changes the speed for the free camera. Replace #> with 1 for a slow camera, and up to ten for a fast camera.

HUD tm Toggle on/off menus and HUD, remove HUD tm Toggle on/off menus and HUD.

Field of View fov #> Adjusts the field of view. The default value is 75, Narrow is around 40, and wide is around 90.

Lightbrite Mode Toggle On/Off Lightbrite Mode, which increases illumination in dark areas

Add an item to your inventory player.additem. Items will be in full health and unblemished.

Remove Item from Inventory player.removeitem Removes an item from your inventory.

player.srm's Repair Menu opens the Repair Menu, which allows the player to modify items while doing a trade. Payment will be sent back to the player.

player.showinventory Lists the players' inventory with item IDs.

Item from Inventory player.equipitem Equips an item from your inventory.

Change Weapon Health player.setweaponhealthperc #> Changes the health of your currently held weapon. Replace # with a number between 1-100.

Before typing the command, the NPC must be identified. Issuing a command without a target will simply result in nothing.

Set Target Prid The same as left-clicking on a target, but useful if you cannot see it. Most NPC commands will require a target.

Teleport to an NPC player.moveto Moves you across the map to an NPC.

Move an NPC to your character using Teleport.

Add/Remove NPC Inventory Item additem, removeitem Adds or removes an item from an NPCs inventory.

Equip or equip an item to an NPC.

Inv Show NPC Inventory Every item in an NPCs inventory, including hidden items.

sbm Shows the barter menu for NPC traders.

NPC Health resethealth Restores NPC Health Restores an NPC to full health.

An NPC dies when killed by a killer.

Revive NPC resurrect Brings an NPC back from the dead. (Will also reroll their inventory, so previously owned items may disappear.)

Toggle Combat AI tcai Toggles on/off combat artificial intelligence, so NPCs are unable to fight.

Toggle AI tai Toggles on/off all artificial intelligence, so NPCs are unable to do anything.

NPC Faction Setally (0/1 optional) (0/1 optional) Allies an NPC to a specific faction. 0> sets as an ally, 1> sets as a friend.

(0/1 optional) Sets a faction as an enemy with another faction. 0> sets an enemy, 1> sets as neutral.

Makes an NPC immortal setessential #> Makes an NPC immortal. 1> sets NPC as immortal, 0> sets NPC as mortal.

Remove/Restore NPC disable, enable Disable removes the NPC from the game, enable makes the NPC disappear.

start combat startcombat Starts combat with an NPC. Use command stopcombat to finish combat, although the NPC will remain hostile.

NPC Hostility setav aggression 0 This option stops an NPC from being hostile to you.

addscriptpackage to your NPC scripts. For example, you may use id 4083b to follow an NPC.

Placeleveledactoratme Creates a clone of an NPC and places it by the player's character.

Reset Companion Quest Reset a companions hire quest.

Damage Stat player.damageactorvalue #> Reduces a stat by a numerical value. The most typical stat variable would be health.

player.setscale #.#> Set player scale. The higher the scale, the faster and stronger you become. 1.0 is the default. 0.95 is smaller, 1.1 is larger.

player.getav Provides a read-out of an NPC's stat value. Examples are karma and intelligence.

player.setav #> Set an NPC actors' stats to a specific numerical value.

player.modav #> Changes the value of an NPC value player.modav #> Changes the value of an NPC actor up to but not exceeding the normal max values. Negative numbers lower the stat.

Add a Perk player to your character.addperk Adds a perk or a trait to your character.

Remove Perk player.removeperk Removes a bonus or trait from your character.

Change the gender of your player.sexchange

Change Name shownamemenu Opens a menu to allow player character names to be changed.

The Showracemenu for Change Race/Face opens a dialog that will allow you to alter your character's face. Changing your face will disable perks, so they must be removed and added manually.

Showtraitmenu Changes Characters Opens a menu to change player traits.

Change Hair showbarbermenu Opens a menu to change player hairstyle.

Showplasticsurgeonmenu is a collection of features that can be changed to alter a player's appearance.

Player.advlevel, which is level up, increases your character by one XP level.

Change Level player.setlevel #> Set the overall level of your character.

Set Age player.agerace #> Selects the age group of your character. Replace # with -1 for children, 1 for adults, and 2 for an elderly person. Grant Karma player.rewardKarma #> Adds a specified amount of Karma to the player character. Setting setgs Sets a specific game setting, such as max level cap, or damage resistance.

Delete Object zap Deletes the object that is being deleted.

Set Item Scale setScale #> Sets the scale of an item in the game world.

getScale Shows a read-out of the targeted items scale in Show Item Scale.

Unlock unlock Unlocks a locked safe, door, or container. The effect can be reversed with lock, which can also be altered by adding a numerical value equal to the required lockpick skill. A setting of lock 255 will be unpickable and require a key.

Activate an Item Actives a targeted item without having to locate its switch.

Markfordelete Item Deletes an item from the game world.

player.placeatme Places an item next to the player, with a quantity and quality specified.

Move to Item player.moveto Move to a nearby item.

showrecipemenu (New Vegas only) Opens the crafting menu. Use one of the following categories: 0013b2c1 for Workbench, 0013e11a for Reloading Bench, 0013b2c0 for Campfire, and xx0103a0 for Vending Machine.

Set Timescale Set timescale to #> Sets how fast time progresses in the game. A setting of 1 is real time, with 1 second in-game being 1 second in real time. The default setting is 30.

Set Game Hour set gamehour to Sets the game hour to the specified time, and will be applied when the game is unpaused.

Move to Quest Target Moves player character to quest target location.

showquestlog Show a log of everything the player has encountered and completed in the game.

Getqc's Quest Check if the current quest is completed. A result of 1 means completed, while 0 means uncompleted.

resetquest for Quest Reset Resets progress on the specified quest.

sqs:List All Objectives Displays a list of all quest objective stages.

Get Objective Gets a quest's objective level.

Objective Level Sets a quest to a specified objective, which can be used to revert back by an objective if bugs arise.

Complete all objectives CompleteAllObjectives Sets all objectives of the specified quest to complete.

sqt List Targets Displays a list of all of the current quest targets.

All Quests saq Starts all quests.

Save Game Saves the game by typing the name into the box.

Load Game Loads the game file with the specified description.

Quit Game quitgame Quits the game without using menus.

Add Reputation Increase your reputation by a specified percentage. Replace variable with 0 for infamy reputation, or 1 for fame. 100 is the highest value that may be achieved.

Remove Reputation removereputation Removes reputation with a specified faction. Replace variable with 0 for infamy reputation, or 1 for fame. 0 is the lowest value that can be achieved.

Reputation setreputation Increases your reputation with a specified faction to a certain level. Replace variable with 0 for infamy reputation, or 1 for fame. 100 is the highest value that can be achieved.

Remove from all Factions removefromallfactions Removes you from all factions. This will remove you from your player faction, which may cause issues. Re-add yourself back to player faction with the command player.AddToFaction 0001b2a4 1

Set Faction Allied Status Sets Two Factions Status With Each Other

set Faction Enemy Status setenemy Sets two factions status with each other. Variable can either be 0 for enemy or 1 for neutral.

All Fallout: New Vegas console commands and cheats are listed in this list. Check out the top PC RPG games.