Where can I find capsules in Fortnite Kamehameha?

Where can I find capsules in Fortnite Kamehameha? ...

Fortnite Kamehameha is not a Dragon Ball skill required, unlike Goku in Dragon Ball. Instead, you need to pick up an item to use this incredible skill in the popular battle royale game. Once you have picked up an item, youll have an incredible, although somewhat sluggish, beam attack.

After getting a Fortnite Kamehameha item, you can unleash a burst of energy up to three times. It does 100 damage on impact and 40 damage every second (for a total duration of three seconds) to all objects and enemies in the area. It's possible to clash with Kamehameha waves to avoid damage, though your timing needs to be perfect. The Nimbus is a versatile tool that launches you into the air before slowly sinking to the ground.

Fortnite Kamehameha and Nimbus locations

The Fortnite Kamehameha and the Nimbus may be obtained in three ways:

  • Find one of the Capsule Corp drops they usually appear after a storm shrinks. As the match progresses, youll see more capsules on the Fortnite map containing one Nimbus cloud and one Kamehameha weapon.
  • Buy the items from Dragon Ball vending machines in various locations for 250 Fortnite gold bars each. Unfortunately, the vending machines only have one of each item in stock. If someone else buys it, you wont be able to.
  • Buy them from Bulma for 250 gold bars each. Shes at Kame House on the smallest island in the archipelago on the eastern side of the map. Just like the vending machines, Bulma only has one of each item in stock.

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You should be able to complete a good deal of the Fortnite Dragon Ball quests with relative ease with these Fortnite Kamehameha locations. If you need a break from all the fighting, check out the Fortnite Dragon Ball episode codes so you can relax in creative mode while watching them with a tasty snack.