At last, Minecraft and The Purge are on the same page

At last, Minecraft and The Purge are on the same page ...

For a variety of good reasons, Minecraft and The Purge are separate games. While the primo sandbox game allows for a lot of freedom, its still a game mostly for kids, so The Purge doesnt necessarily fit into it. The internet cannot be controlled, however, and that's why someone created a video fusing the two.

Were obviously not implying that Minecraft should not be recreated. Take the person who is on the verge of losing all of his Minecraft maps after five years, or the person who recreated MS Paint using Redstone. Someone even built a PC, designed after the Nintendo Wii, that runs Minecraft in stunning 4K.

Forge Labs, a game that produces a lot of bizarre long-term challenges, invited a few Minecrafters to spend a week constructing fantastic houses and living their best lives. After that week, The Purge rules came into force, which allowed everyone to do whatever they want, but mostly crimes.

Their most recent video is a little over two hours long, so it's a bit of a commitment, but it's somewhere between being incredible and profoundly disturbing, and a very honest examination of how humans might behave if everything went awry.

If a player died before the purge began, they'd lose one heart permanently. It meant that, while players should be experimenting to upgrade their own gear, death would always come at a cost because death would be fatal. It's an extremely useful gadget, and we'd highly recommend having it on during the day if youre busy with work or just getting bored of things.

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