In Tower of Fantasy, how do you boost your CS?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do you boost your CS? ...

When you begin playing Tower of Fantasy, you'll learn a lot from the basics, from jetpacks and motorcycles to elemental damage and abilities. One of the many gameplay mechanics that gets overlooked is CS. The game isnt that complicated to understand and you can learn it fairly quickly.

What is your CS in Tower of Fantasy?

In MMO games, you have your Light level, but in Final Fantasy XIV, and many other games, you have your Item Level. This is a way to check whether or not you are strong enough to complete certain tasks.

Tower of Fantasy's Character Score is a game mechanic that allows you to track your character's power level. It's also important to note that your character's CS is higher than yours. Check your Suppressor's ability to upgrade and if you need to enter new areas.

How to raise your CS in Tower of Fantasy

You wont have to worry about your Combat Score immediately. This feature will only be available once you reach level 25 and unlock equipment. The best way to boost your CS is by equipping and upgrading your gear. For instance, looking at your weapons will show you how much they increase your CS.

Complete missions and tasks that are appropriate for your level and you may also acquire upgraded items by solving challenges, opening world chests, and touching environmental items.