In Fortnite, how do Versus Battle boards work?

In Fortnite, how do Versus Battle boards work? ...

In a Fortnite collaboration event, you can play as your favorite character from that universe. Along with completing several challenges, you can also work on Versus Battle boards, which are slightly different from the Bounty boards.

In Fortnite, what can be done with the Versus Battle boards?

When you interact with the boards and receive their location, you're essentially putting yourself in a queue against other players. Only you must touch the board once, and the two of you will have the chance to duel.

The other player will have five minutes to defeat each other. Whoever can defeat the other person or survive over the other will be the winner.

The Versus Boards are a great way to narrow down the location of the last players in any of your Fortnite matches, other than to complete challenges for the Dragon Ball event.