Daily checklist for Tower of Fantasy What to do every day

Daily checklist for Tower of Fantasy What to do every day ...

In Tower of Fantasy, significant advancement is a longer-term goal, but there are still plenty of ways to earn rewards every day. These include gacha pulls, upgrade materials, currency, and other items that will help you keep Simulacra and Weapons in top shape.

Here are all the tasks you should complete every day in Tower of Fantasy.

Daily missions, rewards, and activities

A host of new and returning activities reset with Tower of Fantasy's daily reset at 5:00 AM EST. Completing these seven daily tasks will earn experience, materials, Gold, and other bonuses.

The Adventure log lists four new daily bounty tasks for every day. These tasks will allow you to defeat a few different world mini-bosses and level up. Youll also receive experience, a gold key, and some upgrade materials later on.

If you set any Omnium Beacons, you'll likely have anywhere from 80 to 150 Vitality waiting for you to spend. Go into a Joint Operation, Interstellar Exploration, or other Select activity to get upgraded materials and Crystal Dust.

The Tower of Fantasy story is time-gated, with new chapters unlocking every morning after a daily reset. Every time you log in, you can continue to earn experience and materials.

Visit Mias Kitchen for an incredibly easy way to earn XP, Gold, and materials, and obtain powerful, though temporary, buffs to your damage, resistances, and other benefits. Every day, the Kitchen has a maximum of three tasteable items, refreshing at 5:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 6:00 PM EST.

The Daily Reward on the Store's Daily Supply Box screen is another free way to get your hands on some additional materials and currency. It isnt that expensive, but it is completely free of charge.

Giving gifts to your Simulacra will eventually unlock logs text chats with the character you can complete at your leisure. These will sometimes update on a daily reset, so check the Friends menu if youve completed enough.