David Tennant discusses his 60th birthday in Doctor Who

David Tennant discusses his 60th birthday in Doctor Who ...

The Doctor Who60th anniversary special will be one of BBC One's biggest TV events next year, and for a number of reasons.

The most obvious sell is a massive celebration of all things related to the show. There are a number of other possibilities as well. This is the return of both David Tennant and Catherine Tate to the series, and there are many other big comeos included as well.

Tennant himself assured spectators that the special would feature other surprises than usual. It would be a surprise if the show did include new Doctor Ncuti Gatwa in some form or form. After all, they need to think through how to introduce the future.

Here's a key to announcing Tate and Tennant in advance: it lures fans into a false sense of security, and it helps them avoid spending that much time thinking about anyone else. Remember that some programs have a fantastic way of keeping secrets, even if they aren't known in advance!

Remember that there will be a second Doctor Who special on the BBC later this year, which will act as the final goodbye to Jodie Whittaker. Hopefully, more on that will be released soon.

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