The Leftover divide (day 42) in Big Brother 24: Live Feed Spots

The Leftover divide (day 42) in Big Brother 24: Live Feed Spots ...

Today is the 42nd day in the Big Brother 24house! There's a lot of interesting stuff to learn about today, but we start with a little humor. Everyone is unaware that Indy and Terrance are on the block, and one of them is getting evicted on Thursday.

Instead, the majority of attention from the past 12-16 hours has been on watching a lot of the posturing that is going on within the Leftovers as we try to figure out who is truly in the best position. There is a lot of distrust towards Kyle from the likes of Taylor, Monte, and Joseph.

We know that Michael and Brittany discussed the Veto in a fair measure, and to some extent these three are on the other side of the alliance. (Kyle hasnt specified that The Pound exist per se, but hes hinted at it) Taylor is there to some extent since she has a final three with Michael/Brittany, but she is also so close to Joseph that they have been tied together for the next 48 hours due to a brand-new punishment.

Joseph and Monte more or less anchor the other side of the alliance, and by and large Turner exists there. He either needs to anchor himself better with one person of the Pound, or combine fully with Taylor, which would be one of their best moves. The next HoH, especially during the split house week, is going to be hugely important.