5 Hot Tips To Survive OlliOlli World's Fiery New Skating Shooter [Updated]

5 Hot Tips To Survive OlliOlli World's Fiery New Skating Shooter [Updated] ...

Rollerdrome, an indie rollerskating murder game from the OlliOlli team, is now available on Playstation 4, 5 and Steam for $19.79, up from $29.99 for the next 13 days. I was able to preview it prior to release to share some inside information about it.

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Rollerdrome is set in 2030, and you are Kara Hassan, a promising Rollerdrome newbie. In the games fiction, Rollerdrome is a roller-rink Hunger Games situation where players navigate hostile rinks with style and guns, and its broadcast to the general public by a faceless but likely infiltrated corporation.

The levels are humongous, and the games become more complicated and demanding as you complete the time requirements and challenges required to unlock them, but Rollerdrome is more about making you feel cool than delivering social commentary. Your character, Kara, has taken out a $342,240 loan just to play in the arena, and the flips, tricks, and multi-kills you complete for points and glory keep your hands from washing completely clean. However, I'd like to share five things I learned while going rollerdrome.

1.Assists are there to be used

Rollerdrome assigns an action to every component of your controller, B to roll, X to shoot, and so on, and its default settings add a time cap and challenges to clear before you can proceed on. If you need help, use the resources provided in the settings.

Youll be able to change your invincibility, the game's damage scale, infinite ammo and infinite reflex time, modify the game's speed, remove the challenge barrier to levels, and trigger simple slug shots for the shotgun youll eventually unlock.

Assists will not appear on leaderboards, but they're still there to help you pluck the barbs from Rollerdromes bloodsport. They're a great way to slowly get back into high-speed bloodsport excitement and master minutiae without fear. The rest of the following will relate to playing without aids.

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2.Try and try again

The rollerdrome level you replay most likely will not be mastered on your first attempt, but it is possible. The levels you complete every time you replay a level are saved and recorded. One playthrough can be dedicated to grabbing floating golden tokens, and another to shooting five house players (bad guys) with your dual pistols.

To unlock the next sea of levels, you only need to complete a certain number of tasks, so remembering that you may make incremental improvements makes them seem more like benchmarks rather than barriers.

3.Keep your eye on the clock

The timer on the game is a real bitch. Completing a level below par time grants points, while being under drains them. It's not necessary to know how to do it well. However, mastering the basics of multitaskingshooting at a house player while doing a 180-turn melon grab sounds and sounds complex, but its fundamental to Rollerdrome should be your number-one concern.

4.Shoot to kill

Rollerdrome has a charcuterie board of unlockable deadly weapons, all of which require you to perform tricks and grinds to load them up with ammo. While shooting at enemies, enemies drop green beads that restore your HP.

5.Keep your skates on the rail

To be effective at killing enemies, you need to perform. Thats just show business. Although a nose grab will net you a few bullets, it's the more technically demanding and time consuming way of obtaining them. Rollerdromes generous aim function allows you to kill enemies while grinding on a rail or wall. It's almost like drinking water while you pee.

After my first encounter with Rollerdrome, I found myself a lot of junk. However, the game was just released, and I still have a lot of cool flips to master. What do you think?

This article was originally published on July 26, 2022.