Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building: All the Hidden Title Sequence Clues

Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building: All the Hidden Title Sequence Clues ...

This article includes a plot recap and minor spoilers for Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building.

The sheer sheer replayability of Only Murders in the Building is what makes it so enjoyable. Like any good mystery with twists and turns, returning to watch the first time you saw it, or seeing what clues they left, is equally as enjoyable.

Only Murders' creators turned to Elastic, the filmmaking team behind the Game of Thrones intro sequence, to add to the mystery and leave an exciting new Easter egg in the opening credits each week. Sometimes, deciphering what they mean can be just as difficult.

Allow Den of Geek to serve as your guide, assisting you in locating all 9 clues from this season so far and describing their significance.

Episode 1: The Painting

With a second season, we naturally begin to know a little more about our trio of amateur sleuths: Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel (Selena Gomez). In the premiere, the friends, after being detained as persons of interest, dive immediately into investigating the killing of their former Tenant Board President, Bunny (Jayne Houdyshell).

Hidden elevators and hidden passages are discovered as they pass through Bunny's apartment, but nothing quite as delicious as overhearing that Bunny has lost a beloved and irreplaceable painting. Could the motive for the murder be the painting's?

As the episode settles down and Charles returns to his apartment, he discovers the answer to that last question: it has been planted in his apartment, revealing a connection to the killer and possibly uncovering a dark secret from his past.

As we peer into Charles' apartment window as he dishes, as he always does, we notice a mysterious framed painting over his shoulder that isnt usually there.

Episode 2: The Bird

In every title sequence, an older woman walks her dog outside the Arconia's doors. She can be seen again shortly after the titles finish, and she makes one significant and unusual change to that routine.

The animated Bunny can be seen walking a parrot on a leash, exactly as she did time and time again with the dog. The significance of this is that as our three heroes explore the mystery of her death, they also acquire Bunny's foul-mouthed fowl, Mrs. Gambolini. Granted, a parrot isnt a fowl, but seeing Mrs. Gambolini is a great way to play with the introduction and demonstrate how important the parrot may be

Mrs. Gambolini is such an asset throughout the remainder of the season, that she gets her walk in about every remaining episode.

Episode 3: The Bottle

The Last Day of Bunny Folger is the appropriate title for the third episode of this season, as it gives us a peek into the victims final moments. This serves as a flashback to the last seasons finale, when Bunny was found dead in front of a bloodied Mabel.

The life of Bunny is revealed to be filled with sardonic rage and a hint of sympathetic loneliness, the latter of which plays into the finale of Season 1. Several times, the trio of podcasting experts celebrated their victory in the Charles apartment. Bunny appeared for the first time, and for the first, reached out to the group, only to be rejected by the trio, blissfully unaware that they had ignored Bunny.

Our three animated heroes can be seen standing in the middle of the Arconias atrium, staring up at the various windows, indicating that their fates, and the fate of the victim, are tied to their celebration, Mabel departing to get more champagne, and the three of them overlooking poor Bunny.

Episode 4: The Flip-Flops

Season 2 introduced new characters, such as Lucy (Zoe Colletti), Charles' surrogate step daughter from one of his more difficult relationships. Were introduced to Lucy in a flashback as she and Charles sing an upbeat version of his song An Angel in Flip Flops.

Lucy removes the record that contained the song, we learn that it was a major hit for Charles (in Germany) and recently several hip hop artists sampled the song, which in turn gives Charles a fairly comfortable salary every year.

As Bunny walks her dog, or parrot, there are two large trees on either side of the Arconias gates. Pay attention to the tree on the right, as youll have to catch a pair of flip-flops hanging from the top of the tree as if they were a premature Christmas ornament.

Episode 5: The Lava Lamp

This is the most obvious Easter egg of all ten seasons. Every title introduction has a brief stop to peek into the doors of Charles, Oliver, and finally Mabel before soaring over the Arconia's roof.

The routine in the pair is almost constant, but in this episode, Oliver is bathed in even more color thanks to a lava lamp that lights up the entire residence.

The lava lamp is a fairly superfluous clue that Oliver often plays in trying to figure out who's hiding a secret.

Episode 6: The Glittery Sun

This episode, as if it were competing with the previous episode, gives the flamboyant Oliver bathed in purple light a run for its money.

Every time the sun fades over the horizon of the New York cityscape, it becomes a massive ball of red glitter. This is an attempt to decapitate the killer, who the trio just discovered is the person theyve been texting.

The three of them get distracted as they attempt to capture Oliver's trusted car, Aphrodite, and miss the explosion and their opportunity to capture the killer. But as Oliver pointed out, glitter will eventually and undoubtedly lead to the main suspect.

Episode 7: The Puzzle Pieces

This episode, entitled Flipping the Pieces, reveals a bit of Mabel's tragic past, as well as her father's involvement.

Mabel, a natural problem solver, is seen bonding with her father as they solve weekly puzzles. Her father challenges her to flip over the pieces of the puzzle so that she can't see the image at all.

Mabel describes this as a series of random memory problems that she has. Her father's tragic passing is too difficult to talk about, and whenever Mabel encounters something significant (which happens all too often), she flips the pieces in her head, so that she can no longer remember the trauma.

Look for what looks like charcoal scuffs on the outside walls of the Arconia in the intro. Eventually, these charcoal outlines begin to look more and more like giant puzzle pieces as Mabel begins to puzzle together her memory and unlock a major part of the narrative.

Episode 8: The Darkness

The Sound of Silence is well-known among generations due to its rhyme, or more recently through a series of memes. Episode 7 concluded with a bit of a cliffhanger, as the whole Tri-State region experienced a massive and mood-inducing blackout.

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Episode 9: The Chicken

Mrs. Gambolini the parrot isnt necessarily being walked in every episode this season, as previously mentioned. Weve already established the dog is there in the premiere, but look at what is shown at the end of Bunny's leash in this episode.

Bunny is walking a true fowl this time, as if trying to answer the age-old question of why did the chicken cross the road?

The murderer got away with the matchbook (an essential piece of evidence) but not with their backpack, which Mabel snagged. This backpack has an all-too-familiar design on it, which Mabel recognizes as the final clue to the killer's identity.

Episode 10: ???

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 10 will reveal what the opening titles will reveal? Thats all you need to know until next week. However, for those who are eager to see, we recommend rewatching the first episode of the season.

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