Rose Cooper's Truth Is Revealed Only in the Building

Rose Cooper's Truth Is Revealed Only in the Building ...

Only Murders in the Building Season 2, Episode 9 spoilers are below.

Rose Cooper is revealed in Only Murders in the Building, its final Season 2 episode.

Shirley MacLaine was introduced as Bunny's mother Leonora in Episode 2 and informed Charles that his father, the man in Roses' painting, was an adulterer; in the mid-1950s, he worked both sides of the street, juggling duties with Leonora and Rose. When his mistresses finally met, a despondent Rose was penniless and eager to escape a man. Leonora agreed to purchase one of her paintings.

Rose vanished shortly after. And soon after, Rose was declared dead.

The above-mentioned painting is hidden at the bottom of the Mrs. Gambolinis birdcage in the present day, only to discover that Leonora is not a verbal, 92-year-old woman in assisted living. He performed, and he was given credit.

As he looks at the painting, he notices that his father is wearing the same watch as he does now. Charles removes the watch back and discovers an address inside. MacLaine, whom we now know as not Leonora, answers the call. Soon after, she shows up at Charles' entrance and declares that she is Rose Cooper.

So, how much of what Rose assured Charles in Episode 2 was true? What motivated her to allow the world to believe she was dead?

Rose admits that her father was her one true love. She reveals that he attempted to keep me safe from a rage-filled husband, which may explain why we saw Savage Sr. dragged out of Roses' house in handcuffs in Episode 2. I had to flee to keep us both safe. We never saw each other again.

Rose wants her painting back. Charles presents the artist with the canvas, but there's only one way to know for sure that it's the original: they remove the nails from the back of the floater frame, unveiling a second piece of art hidden beneath the Arconia. According to Rose, it's a portrait of the man Savage Sr. most wanted to be: a father to his kid.

Rose advises Charles to keep the second painting. After all, she prefers to have it than the one who came sniffling around a few months ago, who says she is a pushy woman with brown hair and glasses. This brings us to Episode 9's other major reveal: Becky Butler, subject of the Oklahoma Declaration of Independence.

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