Only Murders Returns to the Pilot to Set Up Season 2 Finale

Only Murders Returns to the Pilot to Set Up Season 2 Finale ...

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building.

Hulus Only Murders in the Building announces its long game in setting its Season 2 finale.

Detective Daniel Kreps is considered Glitter Guy in the antepenultimate episode. That same episode suggested that Glitter Guy was merely an accomplice in the Bunnys killing, and the killer was still alive.

Kreps is a crooked cop who works myriad side jobs, while at Coney Island he is volunteering to assist small-town police agencies that arent equipped to handle missing persons cases. Thats how he ended up in Chickasha, Oklahoma, in 2015, following the disappearance of All Is Not OK in Oklahoma subject Becky Butler.

Kreps claims to be Glitter Guy in the present day. But when Mabel mentions his fingerprint in the Pickle Diner matchbook, the detective, without giving a beat, says the fingerprint doesnt belong to him.

Kreps isn't Bunny's killer at this point; he's simply a henchman, and a pretty dumb guy at that. Nevertheless, Kreps doesn't understand when Mabel calls him stupid.

If Im so stupid, how come I was able to land the smartest woman on the planet? he asks. If Im so stupid, how come I am able to make a better podcast than you idiots in two seconds flat?

He says to Mabel that he hates amateur podcasts like Only Murders, but that Cinda Cannings Everything Is Not OK. That takes some skill, Kreps adds. That requires intelligence, trust me.

In Season 1, it was established that Cinda had solved the Becky Butler murder case. But what if she lied? Is it possible that a certain brash New York detective assisted her?

Mabel returns home and starts up an old episode of All Is Not OK, and everything begins to make sense.

Cinda says freelance police officers from bigger cities such as Kreps flooded the town to find Becky or her killer. I'd go to the local pub and grill, the Chicken Chug, which has a orange and green chicken logo that seemed to be everywhere in town. There, I'd mingle with ruthless townspeople and homesick cops, looking for clues and gossip.

Mabel discovers that the Becky Butler and Bunny Folger cases are connected, confronts Cindas overworked assistant Poppy. She seems particularly tense and nervous, almost, and tells Mabel to give up.

Poppy explains that you dont know what she is capable of. You dont know what she will do if she does not get what she wants.

Poppy doesn't know this, right? She's Becky Butler, she explains.

Season 2, Episode 9 of Only Murders revealed the truth about Rose Cooper, which we discuss here.

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