Ranking of the Top 10 DC Animated Film Universe Films

Ranking of the Top 10 DC Animated Film Universe Films ...

Marvel and DC are famous comic book icons for demonstrating how their individual heroes are all part of a huge, interconnected collective universe. This concept has proved that it can be achieved successfully in the entertainment industry. On the other hand, DC has had a flaw in this area.

The DC Extended Universe was a rushed endeavor with an improbable future, though the Arrowverse, which was broadcast on a television station, became a popular show. The DC Animated Movie Universe is a collection of multiple interconnected animated films that may have been made for home media, but many are still enjoyable and relatable, allowing them to compete with more "high-end" movies.

10) 'Justice League Dark' (2017)

The Justice League seems powerless against it. Confronted with the possibility that magic may be at the root of the problem, Batman investigates with the help of Earth's mystical heroes, including John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, and others.

Justice League Dark isn't the best DCAMU movie nerratically, although it still has a decent mystery and interesting characters. The movie's main advantage is that the supernatural element allows it to go crazy and, as the title implies, in dark directions.

9) 'Teen Titans: The Judas Contract' (2017)

As the eponymous superhero team faces off against Deathstroke and Brother Blood, aided by their new member Terra, who is secretly a traitor, is given a fresh spin.

Despite a jarring and ludicrous opening sequence, the film pushes forward with strong, relevant action and character development, especially concerning Terra. This iteration of the terrakinetic Judas figure ensures a tragic, mature, and emotionally conflicting experience.

8) 'Batman: Bad Blood' (2016)

Batman is no longer alive. Or is he? Either way, Gotham is left without its chief protector, thus Nightwing, Robin, and their new allies Batwoman and Batwing must thwart the enthusiastic criminal elements and find out what happened to the Caped Crusader.

Batman is out of commission for a lot of the film, giving the rest of the Bat Family space to shine. Even Alfred, the ever-loyal butler, does so, as you get a further peek into his personality and the effect he has had on those he mentored and inspired.

7) 'Batman: Hush' (2019)

Batman is terrorized by an enigmatic enemy named Hush, who seems to know everything about him at the same time. At the same time, Batman's growing friendship with Catwoman becomes more serious, putting her in greater danger as Hush targets those closest to the Dark Knight.

Fans may opt for the animated version until the desired live-action interpretation of this modern Batman classic is realized: A faithful yet ultimately subversive effort that depicts the eponymous hero at his most vulnerable moments. The ending will certainly enrage purists, but it just goes to demonstrate that the filmmakers were more interested in presenting a compelling narrative than simply providing fan service.

6) 'The Death of Superman' (2018)

Superman must make a tough decision to preserve his connection with Lois Lane, his life's love, and to disclose his secret identity with her. Unfortunately, something terrible awaits him in the form of Doomsday, a solitary alien monster that even he may not be able to stop, at least not without enormous expense.

One of the most iconic Superman stories ever told is the Death of Superman. The film carries the weight of its influence with respect and then some, wisely utilizing the Superman-Lois Lane romance as its beating heart.

5) 'Constantine: City of Demons' (2018)

John Constantine, everyone's favorite shrewd and sardonic paranormal investigator and dabbler in the dark arts, is asked by Chas Chandler to assist his sick daughter in escaping a suspected malevolent magical power. Sure enough, Constantine becomes embroiled in a deadly game of demons, souls, and the literal spirit of Los Angeles.

With Matt Ryan's pitch-perfect performance as Constantine as your anti-heroic guide, City of Demons takes you on a wonderful journey through horrific horror and bizarre imagery. Gasps, morbid chuckles, more gasping, and perhaps a tear or two are to be expected before the end.

4) 'Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay' (2018)

Amanda Waller assigns a black ops unit based in the United States known as Task Force X, or the "Suicide Squad," to retrieve a strange card that can be used to cheat death. But what should be a simple task becomes more complicated and dangerous when other powerful individuals are revealed to want the card.

Hell to Pay succeeds where the former failed in many ways, like putting compelling protagonists out of villains, and having a crisp style, complete with a delightfully twisted sense of humor. It even managed to engage in a surprising profound conversation about spirituality and redemption.

3) 'Justice League Dark: Apokolips War' (2020)

The Justice League attempts and fails, horribly, to launch a preemptive strike against the intergalactic warlord Darkseid on Apokolips, causing the Earth to be ravaged and many heroes to die or worse. Two years later, the remaining rebels mobilize what little strength and hope they have left for a counterattack that will decide everyone's fate.

Apokolips War, which is built on the DCAMU's Avengers: Endgame, is undoubtedly unable to provide significant closure to every single recognizable face in its established continuity. However, it divides its attention evenly among the most important actors and story threads, delivering all the high-stakes excitement and emotion worthy of a grand finale.

2) 'Batman Vs.Robin' (2015)

As tensions between Batman and his son Damian, the incumbent Robin, get worse, the fabled secret society known as the Court of Owls prepares to strike at Gotham with its army of Talon assassins, one of whom is keen on Robin.

Batman vs. Robin is on all cylinders in nearly every aspect, from pacing through action sequences to exploration of the character and relationships, including those of the central antagonist. Other standalone superhero films should take a look at how to ensure that they are not just a filler for the team-up events.

1) 'Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox' (2013)

Barry Allen, better known as The Flash, awakens one day to discover himself living in an alternate reality where, among many differences, he has no powers, his mother is alive, the Justice League does not exist, and a war between Amazons and Atlanteans threatens to destroy the world, setting the stage for the explosive Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

The classic crossover film Flashpoint might have been far more appealing to comic book enthusiasts, nor could casual viewers expect a riveting superhero animated film. The setting is dark, familiar figures are changed on their faces, and Flash's quest to unravel the mystery of his situation gives us a cautionary tale about the dangers of being God.