'I Am Groot' Is Just What the Marvel Cinematic Universe Needs More Of

'I Am Groot' Is Just What the Marvel Cinematic Universe Needs More Of ...

I Am Groot is the latest Marvel series to be launched on Disney+, and it is very different from practically every other Marvel series. Each short film focuses on Groot, a well-known character from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Nevertheless, this series has added something valuable to the franchise that came before and will follow.

When it comes to plotting, Marvel films are known for being bursting with action and covering a lot of ground. Everything is connected. Any change to the Marvel universe must not only advance the story of the unique franchise it belongs to, but also the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole.

Because of the complexity and plot-driven nature of Marvel films, viewers rarely get to meet characters in a particularly personal, intimate, or uncomplicated situation. While the world is coming to an end, most people don't get to meet them in a normal way before I Am Groot, things have changed.

I Am Groot is a great way for Marvel to give a character the opportunity to recharge and enjoy his everyday routine without any drama. With only two other real characters and only one scene with real dialogue, this series is a nice break from the norm for any series.

I Am Groot is a great fit for a piece that tones down the world to its most unassuming, uncomplicated state. He is able to draw in an audience and keep them there, even though he only ever says three words at a time. Other Marvel franchises may benefit from the addition of features like this.

I Am Groot's contribution to the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is unsurpassed; it offers viewers a unique perspective on the characters' lives while they are watching. For example, when Groot interacts with a vyloo, it provides a glimpse into the same thing they remember from previous films.

Baymax! is a better-known Disney+ series due to its more narrative than I Am Groot is known for. In a similar series of shorts that focus on him, Baymax! is usually less of an anomaly or outlier in the franchise to which it belongs, but it's difficult to overlook the similarities.

I Am Groot is really the first of many of this type of programs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has certainly provided a welcome respite in the midst of its action-packed series and made it clear that giving viewers the time and space to get to know their favorite characters is exactly what Marvel franchises should be doing.

On Disney+, the first season of I Am Groot is currently available for viewing.