From Aipom to Zarude, these are the best monkey Pokemon

From Aipom to Zarude, these are the best monkey Pokemon ...

The Pokemon games take players through many different locations, so its only natural that players may encounter a large assortment of Pokemon based on the cheeky jungle buddies known as monkeys. We have so many different types of monkeys, chimps, apes, and more that populate the far corners of the earth, so there's a lot of inspiration to choose from when deciding on a new monkey companion.

This collection of the finest monkey Pokemon is here to help you discover some of our favorite banana-loving pals from the many different Pokemon generations. Some might be a bit quick and loose with the term monkey, but nothing is a precise science with Pokemon anyway.

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This is our guide to the finest monkey Pokemon.

Monkey Pokemon

Back in the original generation, when Game Freak would just change a single letter and call a Pokemon Mankey, or Seel, they became popular ever since. In the anime, Primeape is a boxer, which is great.

It's weird to me that we haven't yet developed a regional version of Mankey or Primeape, considering their importance in the game. We'll see them in the future, and maybe even a regional variation like the phenomenal Obstagoon.

I'll lump these two bad boys together because their games are logically linked, and it'll be easier if I double up. Technically, lemurs are not monkeys, but they're so close, and Passimian is so cute that I didn't want to leave it out.

Oranguru, on the other hand, is a fantastic ape, inspired by the great orangutan and giving off powerful shaman vibes that I always loved, and Oranguru is one of the few Pokemon that can master the move invader.

Aipom is a sweet little guy who makes a great comeback in Pokemon Gold and Silver. They have a weird hand appendage on the end of their tail with several fingers, and they use it to grab fruits and other things. Unfortunately, this double-tailed mon isn't as cute.

Just look at these guys, they're absolute dudes. When Game Freak made Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, something went wrong because that generation SLAPS. Every starter is a classic, and Chimchar is arguably the best among them (though I prefer Piplup). It's also enhanced by the fact that Infernape does not fumble the evolution like so many starter Pokemon.

This big goofy guy is fantastic. Its pre-evolution Darumaka is based on the Japanese daruma doll, but when it evolves, it transforms into a massive, spherical, lumbering ape that has a really interesting ability that allows it to enter zen mode. It also has a huge toothy grin like a Cheshire cat that I love so much.

Both Darumaka and Darmanitan received an icy makeover in Pokemon Sword and Shield, which combined with its impressive stats makes this one of the most interesting Pokemon currently in the Pokemon VGC community.

I want to clarify one thing. This entry is only about Grookey and Grookey. Sword and Shield are decent, but they lack some interesting things, and a key one for me personally is the starters that develop into terrible later forms. Both Grookey and Sobble are excellent, but the final evolutions leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

Grookey, on the other hand, is fantastic, and I loved him from the first trailer. Good idea, really. Plus, it somehow fits very nicely into the grass-type, so this is the one time where the Pokemon theme and the type clash.

Zarude, a mythical creature from Pokemon Sword and Shield, was added after the game's release. However, Zarude has a very cool design and great stats. Plus, they have their own film which, by all accounts, is pretty great.

Worst monkey Pokemon (AKA, Bad Monkey Corner)

This list is primarily about monkeys, but what is writing if not the expression of the writer's passions? I have a burning passion for the three elemental monkeys from Pokemon Black and White that are named Pansear, Pansage, and Panpour. These three elemental monkeys represent fire, grass, and water, and are also meant to be a nod to the three monkeys from the old adage see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil from Japanese folklore.

Each is horrifying in its own way. While most (X) Pokemon invite some discussion within our team, I have never seen us so united in our disgust at these shady, basic, and ugly little guys. I despise the fact that I have to collect them to complete my Pokedex. If I were a Pokemon trainer, I would hide a grenade in a banana and erase all these crimes from this dimension.

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