In 'Chameneon,' a speedy new Neon runner, Sonic meets Tron

In 'Chameneon,' a speedy new Neon runner, Sonic meets Tron ...

If you are looking for another animal-based runner to fill a Sonic-shaped hole in your heart, QUByte Interactive has just announced that their Chameleon neon platformer, (see what they did there?), will be available on the Switch eShop on August 18th.

As if that didn't sound crazy enough, your reptilelian avatar appears to be trained in some sort of gymnastics as he flips, flops, and flies through the air to reach his next location.

Do you want to tell us that you cannot see a chameleon riding a neon wave? Below, find out more details about the game and a series of pictures that will give you an idea of this concept in action.

A virus has infected the Cyber Space in the game, and it's now up to you to initiate the protocol CHAMENEON. Surf on the neon lines in the Cyber Space and defeat the virus before it's too late.

Chameneon provides a challenging challenge that requires great skill and realism to beat. With a simple but brutal gameplay and a ton of stages to go through, you'll be challenged to the limits!

To show everyone whos the boss, run, jump, dodge, and collect the Neon Disks. It's your time to shiny!

The little guy's spin jump and momentum-based leaps from neon discs had us thinking of Scrap Brain Zone. Just us?

The game will be available on the Switch eShop on August 18th for $3.99 (or your local equivalent). We're not sure that the little chameleon would be able to fully defend himself against Jeff Bridges in the Tron arena, but we'd certainly pay more than three to see this neon-rider try it.

Chameneon: What do you like about it? Will you be attempting it? Let us know in the comments below!