Review of Tower of Fantasy Explore, but not at your own pace

Review of Tower of Fantasy Explore, but not at your own pace ...

Tower of Fantasy may appear like Genshin Impact at first glance, but it has far more than you would expect. This open-world MMO has a lot of interaction, fast-paced combat, and an interesting narrative, the latter of which admittedly would benefit from some tweaking.

The game takes place on the planet of Aida in the distant future. Humanity discovered a comet containing a massive power source called Omnium, a massive power source that humanity naturally attempted to utilize for itself. This resulted in disastrous consequences in which anyone who is exposed to the Omnium may become irritated.

Plenty of hits and misses

Tower of Fantasy's strongest component is its combat. Different elements affect enemies depending on what type of shield they have (or don't have) and the timing of your dodges. Combat is more engaging as a result.

Outside of slashing enemies and destroying local wildlife, you may enjoy playing with your friends in Tower of Fantasy. There are a variety of objects, plants, and animals that you may want to explore. These currencies, however, are very difficult to track down.

Tower of Fantasy does not have extremely in-depth character creators, although players already had copies of their favorite characters from shows like Naruto, One Piece, and Inuyasha to use in the game. There is nothing better than experiencing everything as your favorite character or a creation you spent hours crafting.

Blocked from access

The world itself is vast and filled with hidden treasures and locations for you to discover. These bonuses are optional in the game, but they are useful for those who like to explore. Most of the terrain in the regions is similar, if not identical, until you reach the snow biome.

The constant time-gated Supply Pods that I encountered was one of my biggest issues while playing Tower of Fantasy. When I looked at the chest, it stated that I needed to wait 11 hours to finish the story that I was enjoying.

Missing details

As with most stories, Tower of Fantasy's ups and downs. Progress too quickly, however, will leave you wanting to continue on. It's easy to forget what you previously experienced so that you may proceed onward.

The verdict

Despite all of the good stuff, there is no denying that this game has some serious flaws that need to be addressed. The environments might need a bit of an overhaul to make the areas feel more authentic and alive, rather than the same as where you just came from. Finally, a rework of the vehicles and traversal relics like the jetpack would be ideal to encourage players to continue to enjoy the flying car they spent six hours acquiring.

Tower of Fantasy has a vast world that you may explore if you arent being prevented from doing so. There are a lot of little things that help bring the game to life, from puzzles, dungeons, and fast-paced combat, to NPCs, crafting, and an amazing character creator. The larger part of the game, like the story and world exploration, needs some work.

Final Score:

5.5 / 10

+The world is filled with many activities to enjoy
+Combat is fast-paced and surprisingly intricate
The story can feel a bit dry and forgettable
Traversal items like vehicles and the jetpack feel pointless to use
Environments all feel too similar