Tower of Fantasy's maximum level limit is what follows:

Tower of Fantasy's maximum level limit is what follows: ...

Tower of Fantasy offers a wide range of levels to choose from, from exploration to mission completion. This is because the game currently has a maximum level cap that is gradually being increased, so you may eventually notice the XP no longer coming your way.

Why is Tower of Fantasy keeping you from progressing?

The level limit in Tower of Fantasy is being periodically raised, with the game eventually ending at Level 70. This is most likely due to the developers wanting players to stay around for the long run, returning most days to experience new content and invest more time in their wanderer. So, you may find that some portions of the story and map are blocked for the time being.

The current level cap is influenced by how long the game has been out for. For example, the level cap at launch started at Level 18, while it will go up to Level 70 once it has been released after 88 days.

DayLevel cap
Day 1 Level 18
Day 2Level 24
Day 3Level 27
Day 4Level 30
Day 5Level 32
Day 6Level 34
Day 7Level 36
Day 8Level 38
Day 9Level 40
Day 11Level 42
Day 13Level 44
Day 15Level 46
Day 17Level 47
Day 19Level 48
Day 21Level 49
Day 23Level 50
Day 25Level 51
Day 27Level 52
Day 29Level 53
Day 31Level 54
Day 34Level 55
Day 37Level 56
Day 40Level 57
Day 43Level 58
Day 46Level 59
Day 49Level 60
Day 52Level 61
Day 56Level 62
Day 60Level 63
Day 64Level 64
Day 68Level 65
Day 72Level 66
Day 76Level 67
Day 80Level 68
Day 84Level 69
Day 88Level 70

If you are constantly chasing the level limit, we suggest you do daily checklists and bounty missions to earn XP at a fast rate. These even reward Black and Gold Nuclei, ultimately allowing you to place special orders for stronger weapons and materials.