Runescape RS3's best things to smith to grind Smithing levels

Runescape RS3's best things to smith to grind Smithing levels ...

Smithing is notorious for being one of the most difficult skills to level in Runescape. As almost all efficient grinding the skill requires vast quantities of expensive metal bars, gaining smithing experience often means incurring millions of GP in losses, while making very little profit for the armors produced. The training methods included in this guide will offer a wide range of pricing options, experience rates, and click intensities that can accommodate different needs.

Training smithing with burial armor

By smithing elder rune burial sets as efficiently as possible, you can get the same amount of experience as smithing the original item.

Smithing a piece of armor into burial armor makes the resultant item untradeable, meaning that you may no longer sell it back on the Grand Exchange to recover all of its value. Eventually, complete burial armor sets are sacrificed at a total loss of all pieces, thus increasing the overall cost of the process.

Training smithing by forging platebodies

Supplying upgraded armor pieces to others to use in the burial process can make a significant profit while earning respectable experience per hour. Platebodies, although less profitable than smithing most other pieces, generally drive the highest experience rates of any type as they use the most metal bars per item smithed.

The forging process is much more click-intensive to execute effectively than other methods mentioned here. Advanced items must be smithed using constant heat from the forge in order to speed up the smithing process. Each platebody must be re-inserted into the forge every 30 seconds.

Training smithing by smelting bars

Where other smiths need metal bars to fabricate armors, you can create these bars to meet demand. Smelting bars can generate consistent earnings as a very low-effort activity. For example, smelting elder rune bars at level 90 can generate up to 10,000,000 GP worth of profit per hour, passively earning a little under 80,000 smithing experience.

Training smithing by making cannonballs

Cannonballs serve as ammunition for the Dwarf multicannon, which is in high demand due to their ammo inefficiency. It is possible to smith an entire stock of steel bars while being completely away from your keyboard in about two minutes, generating an entire stock of steel balls that can be converted into balls.

Making cannonballs can yield substantial profits, but there are other approaches with higher level and activity requirements that may earn you more money in Runescape. Join the Bond market, harvest Pale Energy, or try one of the many other methods.