In Kirbys Dream Buffet, how do you win at every minigame?

In Kirbys Dream Buffet, how do you win at every minigame? ...

As you improve your Gourmet Rank, Kirbys Dream Buffet's main course is definitely racing through obstacle courses and battling each other in a battle royale round at the end. Here is how to win each minigame in the game.

All minigames in Kirbys Dream Buffet and how to win them

Crumble Crates is a fairly straightforward minigame. crates are dropped into a small arena and you must collect as many strawberries as possible before you get to the crate first. You will bounce back every time you hit it, so make sure you get the strawberries you need.

This one is pretty straightforward. Smaller enemies will spawn into the arena with strawberries on their heads. Roll your way into them to defeat them and steal the strawberries they were holding. You cannot steal strawberries from other opponents here.

Strawberries will continue to fall into the arena here, so be quick and grab them before your opponents. Beware of obstacles like spikey enemies and falling bombs, as you will thrown yourself around the place and yourself off the track.

The strawberry will fall into teacups scattered throughout the arena. Run and jump into each cup to get the falling strawberries faster and advance to the next one. If you are not near a teacup when it appears, go to another empty area of the arena to get to the next one quickly.