How to Get Skill Points and Upgrade Coaches in Franchise Mode in Madden 23

How to Get Skill Points and Upgrade Coaches in Franchise Mode in Madden 23 ...

Franchise Mode players may modify their coaching staff to their liking. One way to do this is by acquiring Skill Points and improving the roster in Madden 23. So, what you need to know about this is that you may need to purchase Skill points and improve the coaches in Franchise Mode.

How to get coaching points in Madden 23

Skill Points are used by players in FIFA and NHL games. They are used to enhance certain abilities.

Select the Franchise Staff tab on the home screen, then select a coach, and then click on Select Gameday Goal.

Each coach will be able to choose weekly team goals, as well as a weekly gameplan. If a goal is achieved, points will be awarded to the Skill Point pool. So, for example, if you pick a goal for the Head Coach that awards four Skill Points for winning by 17+ points, four points will be added to the pool.

How to upgrade coaches in Madden 23

As the season progresses and goals are met, the Skill Point pool will expand. You will be able to see the amount of Skill Points available by looking for the number next to the green icon with an F in it.

At the home screen, select Manage Staff, then Franchise Staff, and click on View Talent Tree to see the whole list of attributes for each coach and the player personnel.

Many of these are XP gain benefits for players, while others include reduced costs for player personnel, offfensive and defensive coordinator talent discounts for Head Coaches, and bonuses for players.

Select a skill to unlock with A/X. If one is highlighted in red, it means it is already owned. If a trait has a lock on it, it means it cannot be purchased with Skill Points.