What is the Tower of Fantasy's Rebirth of Clemency event?

What is the Tower of Fantasy's Rebirth of Clemency event? ...

Tower of Fantasy SSR characters come in two varieties: Standard Banner KING, Cocoritter, and others, as well as those that are initially only for a short period of time through the various timed exclusive events, each lasting three weeks and each coming with its own currencies. Today we talked about the launch event, Rebirth of Clemency.

The Tower of Fantasy's Rebirth of Clemency Event

The first limited-time event in Tower of Fantasy is Rebirth of Clemency. Every Red Nuclei you buy has a starting chance of 0.75% of a SSR weapon, up to 2%. That is, every time you get an SSR weapon, you have a 50% chance of getting a SSR weapon. Venux and its Simulacra Nemesis

The Venus Weapon is guaranteed once you spend 80 Red Nuclei, regardless of whether or not you have Nemesis. However, you will only spend 150 Dark Crystals for a single unit or purchasing Red Nuclei bundles with Tanium.

Rebirth of Clemency requires a second currency, Flame Gold. Each Gold Nuclei you spend earns you one Flame Gold, and you can spend 120 of them to guarantee you get Nemesis. However, every time you pull one from the Limited Banner, you get a single unit of Flame Gold, which means you'll need to buy Nemesis outright.