The Embracer Group is buying The Lord of the Rings IP rights, Limited Run Games, Tripwire Interactive, and more

The Embracer Group is buying The Lord of the Rings IP rights, Limited Run Games, Tripwire Interactiv ...

Embracer Group has shared information announcing that the company has signed numerous agreements to acquire several new businesses. These include Limited Run Games, Tuxedo Labs, Tripwire Interactive, Tatsujin, Bitwave Games, and Gioteck. Additionally, the company is purchasing the IP rights to The Lord of the Rings, which includes The Hobbit, and will create a new operating group to oversee these properties.

Embracer has also entered into an agreement to buy another company in the gaming industry in addition to the five acquisitions announced earlier. Those details will be revealed at a later date.

Embracer Group is a video game and media holding company based in Sweden. The group owns a broad range of studios and other operative groups, including THQ Nordic, Gearbox Entertainment, DECA Games, and Dark Horse Media.

Limited Run Games is a video game distributor that usually sells physical copies of digital-only games on its website. Singtrix is a company that specializes on developing new karaoke equipment, while Tuxedo Labs and Bitwave Games are small independent game studios.

Tripwire Interactive is a larger video game studio that developed popular games such as Killing Floor and Maneater. Tatsujin is Embracers' first studio in Japan and is well-known for developing titles such as Snow Bros and Truxton. Gioteck is a business that focuses on gaming accessory brands.

Embracer Group and Middle-earth Enterprises have agreed to buy the intellectual property rights for J.R.R. Tolkien's literary works; these include the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings novels and The Hobbit, which has become popular among fans. The recent Shadow of Mordor video games aren't yet being implemented in Middle-earth games.

Embracer Freemode is the 11th operating group within Embracer. Freedom will focus on retro/classic/heritage gaming and entertainment, game development and production, devices, gear and collectables, community and e-commerce, and new idea and technology incubation.